stuffed animals good for babies

Are stuffed animals good for babies?

Are stuffed animals good for babies?

When you think of a plush toy and a cuddly teddy bear, the first thing that goes through your mind is that special baby in your family holding it tightly in their arms.

Babies and stuffed animals just make sense! They’re cuddly, soft and extra cute. In fact, one of the most common presents that people tend to give new parents when the baby arrives is (asides from diapers) a plush toy.

These kinds of toys are just as adorable as a newborn and they make the perfect companion during the first years of a person’s life.

But in recent years the topic has been brought up whether it's safe or not to give your baby a plush toy.

There are many people out there saying plush toys are exclusively for children while others say there’s no harm in your baby holding a stuffed animal during their waking moments.

In this article we’ll explore deeply what are the safe practices of plush toys when used with small babies and toddlers, and what are some of the countless benefits of giving your baby a stuffed animal.

Keep reading to find out which is the ultimate plush toy to give to that special baby you know!

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Now, it would be crazy to think that a newborn is going to play or use a stuffed animal, although they do make the perfect nursery décor and you as a parent might want to cuddle with the toy yourself at times.

When your baby starts to have some control over their bodies and specially their head and neck, you can safely find stuffed animal toys for babies and give one to your child to play with.

As long as you’re looking out for your baby and on the lookout for any incidents, it should be fine.

As for the ideal age for your baby to start sleeping with their stuffed animal, experts do recommend waiting until your child is at least 18 months old and have enough strength to manipulate and carry the stuffed animal and they won’t be in danger of being suffocated by it.

You might also want to be careful with the size of the plush toy, since you don’t want your baby climbing on their Teddy Bear and risking falling off the crib.

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How to find the safest stuffed animal toys for babies

If you’re looking for the best stuffed animal for baby to sleep with, or even just play with it during their waking moments (because babies gotta do something to spend their time!), there are some basic safety guidelines to follow in order to find the perfect plush toy.

First of all, make sure that all accessories, add-ons and decorations are big enough so your baby can’t choke on them if they happen to detach them from the plush toy.

Also, make sure that nose, eyes and buttons are extremely well placed, sewn or glued. Check the stuffed animal’s ears, paws and tail looking for some wires that could poke out of the fabric and harm your baby.

Avoid strings, ribbons and leashes since they could get tangled around your baby’s hands or fingers.

Check that the seams are sturdy enough to keep the stuffing well protected inside the plush toy.

One of the most important things to make sure when it comes to picking the perfect plush toy for your baby is to check that it’s made from a hypoallergenic material such as polyester or natural fabrics such as cotton.

This also helps you be sure that you can easily toss them in the washing machine and they won’t disintegrate.

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Benefits of babies having plush toys

As to whether stuffed animals are “good” for babies, the answer can only be “yes”. Plush toys and all of their fluffy companions are perfect to give your baby some comfort when they’re not feeling well, when they’re scared or when they’re about to face something unpleasant such as a vaccine.

Having a stuffed animal by your side can actually make you a more confident person when you grow up.

It’s been proven that stuffed animals help small toddlers and children develop the basic social skills because they get to observe adults around them and put everything in practice with their toys.

They can develop a meaningful relationship with their favourite plush toy and actually care for them and think of their well-being, to the point where they could do some role play; which also helps them develop language skills that they’ll need later on in life.

It’s safe to say that stuffed animals are perfect to encourage some of the most positive feelings among adults and babies alike.

So if you were wondering if giving your baby a plush toy was the right choice we assure you won’t regret it.

Just keep a close eye on our safety tips and your baby will enjoy having a new furry friend in its life.

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