All you wanted to know about stuffed bears

All you wanted to know about Stuffed bears

All you wanted to know about Stuffed bears

All of the best memories we have typically come from our childhood. Golden years filled with playing games or being silly with friends, laughing at everything, being hugged by your family, watching cartoons, playing with your toys and generally just having nothing to worry about.

There’s a good chance when remembering the old days, you picture yourself next to a big teddy bear you used to love and take everywhere. 

Those fluffy and adorable toys that look like they were specifically designed to make our hearts melt are a great companion for all stages of our lives.

It’s no secret that some people go all the way into adulthood and still keep their favourite stuffed bear, even taking it to college and keeping them in their beds after getting married.

 But is there any science in why we are so attached to our stuffed bear? And are they really that good for us? Check out this article and find out the A B C’s of teddy bears.

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 Origins of the stuffed bear

As crazy as it might sound, the teddy bear was born simultaneously at two different places in the world.

In Germany in early 1900’s, the nephew of a toy factory owner pitched the idea of a stuffed bear modeled after one he saw at the zoo.

Since the model would be considered as too scary for kids, it’s factions were toned down with a soft, round snout and button eyes.

 Back in America, President Theodore Roosevelt was presented with a bear cub in the boundaries of Louisiana and Mississippi after failed attempts of hunting a brown bear.

The president, however, thought unfair to kill a cub and spared his life. This anecdote was made a political cartoon that landed on the eyes of a toy maker, who made a stuffed replica of the cute, fluffy cub that of course looked a lot like the one in Germany. This bear, though, was named Teddy after the president. 

 What and how are stuffed bears made of?

The how is a long, kinda dull process which we don’t want to bore you with. But the interesting part is knowing bears owe all of their appeal to a very precise mix of polyester and cotton blend stuffing.

We say precise because you have to think of it as being super soft and yet firm enough that it doesn’t lose its shape. Some teddy bears can have tiny wires or springs in place of a spine to keep straight. Along that there’s the classic buttons for eyes and embroidered nose. 

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A stuffed bear is the perfect gift for kids

Why? We’re glad you ask! Teddy bears, along with blankets and other plush toys are considered comfort objects. As their name suggests, one side purpose of them is to give children a sense of calmness and security.

Kids might tend to be more sensitive to different scenarios and new situations, so having a “totem” that reminds them of home, even the smell, can instantly relieve the anxiety of the unknown.

In fact, studies have been conducted where kids were offered an identical stuffed bear as the one they own, and they deny the opportunity because of the emotional attachment they feel with it.

This sentiment is not only  true for children, a huge percentage of adults admit they  currently sleep with or at least has their childhood stuffed bear or plush toy around. So next time you’re hesitant about giving a big teddy bear as a gift just think of all the benefits that can come with a kid’s first, fluffy portable friend.

Now there’s nothing anyone can tell you about stuffed bears that you don’t know. From a brilliant idea turned into a multi million dollar business to how this friendly animals are manufactured and how their fuzzy bodies help people cope with anxiety and build kids self-confidence; we can only assure you that now you’ve started thinking of how you need a stuffed bear in your hands right now.

Pick out the one you like the most, there’s tiny key chain bears, multi-coloured models, big teddy bears that can fill up an entire room, stuffed bears for every holiday and special occasion, and bears dressed up as any character you can think of. Bottom line is you can’t say “no” to a big teddy bear ready to be cuddled.

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