Low budget baby shower ideas

Low budget baby shower ideas

Low budget baby shower ideas

When a little bundle of joy is coming to the family, time cannot pass fast enough so you can finally meet the newest member.

Those nine long months will be spent by the parents to be getting the baby’s room decorated, furnished; the house must be baby-proofed, tons of stuff to do!

But before you fill the room with the most important part (duh! the baby!), there’s always time to celebrate the joyous occasion and get excited along with the new mom; that’s what baby showers are for.

If you’re looking for baby shower ideas to throw the best party ever you’ll find the most fancy, outrageous pictures or tutorials online. But what happens when you’re trying to celebrate the mom-to-be and money’s running tight?

Check out this amazing low budget baby shower ideas and throw the best shower without breaking the bank. After all, it’s all about being together and having some pre-baby fun! 

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Baby Shower ideas for decoration

A big part of this cute celebration is the theme, and that includes treats, gifts for guests, invitations and of course the setting decoration.

If you even try scrolling through Pinterest you’ll find the most beautiful but lavish decor items, and that’s always painful to watch when you’re on a budget.

How about taking baby shower ideas using the most common (and cheap) products? You can start with a cloudy backdrop made of white balloons and strips of blue paper ‘pouring down’, you can even add a cool rainbow made of foam!

Baby shower garlands are also a must for any party for a new mom, you can take a bunch of foam hearts and glue or sew them together, then put your best calligraphy to work spelling the baby’s name.


Some people think centerpieces are a little too much, but we say they really help put the whole theme of the party together and give it a fancier look.

It’s pretty easy to make cool centerpieces and not step on your budget by following some of these baby shower ideas for table decor.

The first idea might be a little seen but certainly never goes out of style, specially when hosting a girl’s baby shower.

You just have to take classic mason jars and paint them in pastel colors (or the color of the whole party), and then just fill them up with tiny, delicate flowers such as baby breath or carnation. You’ll get a professional centerpiece look for less than half the price.

If you’re looking for something edgier, you can try this idea. Take one small or medium sized plush toy like this cute elephant available in two different colors and place it (or glue it if you want to make sure it doesn’t fall) over a small wooden or plastic circular platform painted in a nice colour; add some candies around and you’ve got yourself a super fun centrepiece! 

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Baby shower ideas for Games

Finally, no baby shower is complete without some fun games to test the guests (and soon to be mom)’s abilities and talents. When hunting for some baby shower ideas for games and contests, there’s tons of stuff you can do to entertain guests with simple materials.

You can print a big calendar of the month the mom is due and get a set of paint in several colours so guests can place their bets on it for a possible due date, or cut out some paper onesies and have them decorate their own as they want.

If you want to celebrate your daughter/sister/friend or even coworker but don’t really feel like spending hundreds of dollars, you just have to use a little creativity to make great baby shower ideas come to life.

Pitch in with other people close to the mom-to-be and look for the best materials at the best price. You can also figure out which one of you is the best at painting, sewing, baking...etc. Any talent can come to use if you have a tight budget!

Just follow one (or all) of our baby shower ideas for low budget and make a party the mom won’t forget even after the baby comes!

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