About Us


KINREX is a company located in Newark, Delaware, USA. Since its official launch in 2016, our company focuses on the manufacturing, production, and distribution of toys, party supplies, novelties, Halloween products, costumes, and plush toys. Our portfolio is full of innovative products! 

Over the years, our company has sold hundreds of toys on many online marketplaces. Now we focus on manufacturing huggable and cuddly stuffed animals because plush toys can be meaningful for kids and provide them with lasting comfort, companionship, and joy.

Our research and development team works enthusiastically with our local and overseas manufacturers to produce new products and improve current ones.

The KINREX team is committed to offering safety and quality at the best price. All of our stuffed animals and toys have been specifically designed and manufactured, so KINREX products can be safe for your children.

As a parent, you can feel safe to let your children play with KINREX stuffed animals because our toys are made of hypoallergenic materials. Also, they have been tested and meet rigorous quality standards.

At KINREX we offer exceptional customer service. We love to be part of the adventures and dreams of the little ones at home because we know that a stuffed animal can bring joy to our customers. We appreciate each person who trusts in our brand by choosing us as their plush toy manufacturer.

Our Story

Our experience started selling products in different marketplaces. Later, due to the high demand and the number of customers we had, we decided to create our brand. This is how KINREX was born in 2016. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to building this dream of becoming a reference for the sale of products and stuffed animals. Offering personalized service and dedicated attention to our customers.

At first, KINREX only sold toys, Halloween costumes, summer products, and so on. A few years later, our dream of creating our brand emerged. We went from selling products for different occasions to designing stuffed animals.

Four years ago, we said welcome to the first stuffed animal under the KINREX brand, a gray elephant! This first plush opened the way to more members, new versions, and other animals in a variety of sizes and colors.

We know that stuffed animals can help children become more self-confident, to the point of feeling identified and valued. Many of them even get to keep their best friend after several years. It was this value that prompted us to focus on stuffed animals.

As entrepreneurs, we know that the plush market is a very competitive field, but we still want to stand out by offering quality products at the best price. KINREX wants to be a company whose mission goes beyond that.

We want children to learn with our stuffed animals, we want our products to be oriented towards didactics to help form a new generation of people committed to the environment and the conservation of endangered species.


Our mission is to bring joy and friends to the little ones. We are committed to making it possible for future generations to learn about the value of animals and the environment through a line of exclusive products. We want to focus on creating good-quality stuffed animals that meet all safety tests for children.


We take on challenges and want to move forward with our goals and projects. Furthermore, we want KINREX to be a family company. Also, we want our stuffed animals to be an educational tool to help raise awareness about global issues. KINREX stuffed animals are more than a product, they are a teaching and didactic tool.