Baby Giraffe Pacifier Holder – Giraffe Stuffed Animal 7"

Type: Toy

There is nothing more precious than our children. We need to take care of them as much as possible. The first step is providing them with toys to entertain them. When they cry, you will want to comfort them. The urge to grab the nearest toy and put it in your child's mouth is overwhelming.

Typically, this is a bad idea. It may harm your child or even injure them. Instead, you can buy some toys that are usually designed for pacifiers. Giraffe plush pacifier holder toys are soft and composed of silicone. The giraffe plush pacifier holder can also be used to fascinate toddlers. It is essential to keep your children safe at all times.

There are lots of pacifiers on the market. Some are made of silicone, and others are made of different materials. But none of them come close to the quality of the KINREX pacifier.

The KINREX pacifier has soft, cuddly teething rings. You can clip it on anything with a clip, including your baby's clothing, car seat, stroller, baby carrier, sling, bib, straps, blanket, etc. The neck of the giraffe is wide enough to facilitate your infant's ability to suck on. The mouthpiece is big enough for your baby to fit her teeth around.

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We all know the best way to keep a child happy is to play with him. There are different ways to make this possible. One way is to buy pacifiers. These small, teething toys will give your child something to bite onto, helping to keep him occupied.

Another thing that you can do is buy a plush pacifier for your child. These plush pacifiers are incredibly adorable and make your child smile. These are among the best baby gifts because these pacifiers can be used for a long time.

You can get a cute, soft giraffe pacifier with real teething rings. It is easy to use, and the neck of the giraffe makes it easier for babies to suck on. In addition, they like having the teething ring on the pacifier, which prevents them from sucking on the nipple of the bottle. KINREX  make excellent gifts because they're super cute and so helpful.

Baby's pacifiers have to be removed every night. Most parents will buy multiple pacifiers for their baby, as they often lose them. It can be frustrating when you can't find the lost pacifier. The KINREX pacifier will keep the pacifier with you all the time. This giraffe plush pacifier holder can save your time. It can also help you avoid the frustration of losing a pacifier.

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There are no other pacifiers like the KINREX pacifier out there. This plush toy is going to be the child's favourite will love it. You can get one for your child too. The pacifier toy will keep your child entertained on long drives while you're waiting in doctor's offices and even in the middle of the night. It has no choking risks and is safe for kids from 6 months to 6 years old.

The Giraffe Plush pacifier is also perfect for teething kids or needing a pacifier during the day. An ideal gift for every child. A fun pacifier toy keeps the baby entertained in the car and at daycare. No more crying fits in the middle of the day. Easy to use, clip on baby's clothing, car seat, stroller, baby carrier, sling, bib, straps, blanket, etc.


*Easy-to-use design

The plush giraffe pacifier holder can be used with any baby's clothing, car seat, stroller, baby carrier, sling, bib, straps, blanket, etc.

*Save Life

Pacifier is made of 100% SAFE edible grade silicone, and the pacifier holder is made of 100% soft cotton that is detachable and hygienic.

*Easy to wash 

Cleaning and sterilising the giraffe plush pacifier holder is practical. Change with your infant's preferred smoothie pacifier.

*Lightweight and the ideal size

 A weight test is compulsory. Choose the right weight to prevent the pacifier from falling out of the baby's mouth while making it light enough for the baby to handle. For example, the giraffe plush pacifier holder makes it simpler for the infant to grasp the pacifier and keep it in their mouth while they cry.

*Great Quality at the lowest price 

Great, affordable, and easy-to-locate pacifier because of the stuffed animal's strong visibility.


There are many adorable animals, but the giraffe is my favourite. How cute!

You can give this baby giraffe plush as a present for baby shower, birthday, holidays or any celebration!

  • This giraffe holder does not include a pacifier. You can use it with multiple brand name pacifiers. This KINREX Pacifier Holders have a flexible Hug Ring that attaches to a variety of baby's favourite pacifiers including Mam, Avent, NUK and many more. Please Note that these are compatible with most but not all pacifiers.
  • This KINREX Giraffe Plush Pacifier Holder for babies measures approximately 7.09" / 18 cm. long and weighs around 60 grams. This Plush giraffe is super soft and made from 100% polyester fibers.

Soporte De Chupete De Jirafa De Peluche - Soporte De Animales De Peluche

¡Puedes regalar este peluche de jirafa bebé como regalo para baby shower, cumpleaños, vacaciones o cualquier celebración!

  • Este soporte de jirafa no incluye un chupete. Puede usarlo con múltiples chupetes de marca. Estos soportes de chupete KINREX tienen un anillo de abrazo flexible que se adhiere a una variedad de chupetes favoritos del bebé, incluidos Mam, Avent, NUK y muchos más. Tenga en cuenta que estos son compatibles con la mayoría pero no con todos los chupetes.
  • Este soporte para chupete KINREX Giraffe Plush para bebés mide aproximadamente 7.09 "/ 18 cm. De largo y pesa alrededor de 60 gramos. Esta jirafa de felpa es súper suave y está hecho de fibras de poliéster 100%.

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