Kid Stuffed Star Toy - Star 2 Sides Plush Toy 6"

Type: Plush Toy

The Cute Kid Stuffed Star Toy

We have all been amazed! With the starry skies that do nothing but leave us with our mouths open, wanting to climb up and reach them! And the children are no exception. And our cute KINREX 2 sides star (happy and sad face) stuffed plush toy fulfills that dream in a very soft and cuddly way. With a beautiful bright yellow presentation makes this plush a great gift whatever the occasion!


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Like a wish come true! With its dimensions and textures it is ideal for touching and exploring. In addition to the high quality materials, such as super soft plush and 100% polyester fibers, this soft plush toy measures approximately 6" / 15.2 cm. and weighs about 30 gr. making it suitable even for newborn babies. 

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Two-sided star plush stuffed toy for kids. This toy is soft and cute and will keep you company, especially when you're bored at home. A classic cute star toy that is perfect for snuggling and playing. The plush has a lovely soft texture, lightweight, and is easy to carry. The toy has a smooth and cuddly feel and is perfect for toddlers and children.

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Kid Stuffed Star Toy is an excellent product from kinrex toys.The toy is made from high-quality polyester fiber, soft and safe for pets. The plush is suitable for all ages, including babies and children. This is the most popular plush toy! The star pattern is made from a unique material that ensures the toy will stand out in any nursery or playroom. This soft and cuddly toy is perfect for toddlers and children. Made from polyester, this toy will stand out wherever it is placed and is available in two different colours.

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This adorable soft and squishy plush toy is not only super soft but has a fantastic face expressions. You will fall in love with it instantly! It is an adorable toy and a good gift for a baby boy. This cute stuffed plush star has been stuffed with the best materials to ensure you receive the very best in comfort and quality. The Little Star's face is decorated with black eyes and a mouth—also a little pink blush to give it a cute look.

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 Star plush is made of high-quality fleece and is made to last long. Each plush toy comes with a tag. Our Star plush toys are soft and plush and keep your child happy and busy for hours! Star plush toys are ideal for play, entertainment, cuddling, and snuggling. A must for the holidays!
This soft, smooth star plush toy is great for any child and makes the perfect present for her birthday. It's made from premium quality soft plush fabric and comes in two colors: yellow and grey.

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This is a high-quality plush toy. Its texture will keep you satisfied and comfortable for years. The material is soft, cute, warm, and easy to care for. You will get a lot of fun playing with your kids. Please make sure your kids get more than one toy. So, this is the best choice for you. The plush star toy is a cute plush toy, which can be used for playing games, or holding. It is designed with soft fur, and its eyes are embroidered black. You can put it under a pillow to make it feel like a kitten. This plush star toy is made of high-quality fabric and has a smooth surface, which is easy to clean.

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This Star Plush Toy is not only excellent but also super soft and cuddly. This is the perfect gift for a Star Wars fan and will be treasured by all. Our Star plush toy will be one of your favourite plush toys for years to come. Star plush toy is made from soft material and is excellent for your little girl to cuddle up with and play with. Everyone will love to have this plush toy.

This super-soft stuffed star toy is so cute and cuddly that you won't want to share. Perfect as a gift for the kiddos or a special treat for you, it will bring a smile to anyone's face.

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Make your child's day by stuffing this Star plush with fiber fill for a warm cuddly hug. It's designed in a star pattern, so it's the perfect gift for a little boy or girl!
A must-have accessory for the holidays, the kinrex Star 2 Side Stuffed Plush Toy is a perfect stocking stuffer and gift for anyone who loves Stars.

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You've never seen a plush toy so Soft, fuzzy, Cute, adorable, and perfect for snuggling. And when you're not playing with your plush Star, it's ideal for throwing on the floor, cuddling under the covers, or even a blanket. This Star is soft and easy to care for but tough enough to keep him safe and clean, with a double-sided design. It is excellent to carry around anywhere. Your little one will have lots of fun and endless hours of fun.

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This Star plush stuffed toy is handmade with the best quality materials, making it long-lasting and super comfortable for children and adults to use. Star is very soft and comfy for babies, toddlers, kids, or adults to hold and cuddle. Star can be used as a present or gift. In addition, this Star plush toy is an excellent collectible item for kids and adults. So don't wait any longer and buy now!

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¡Sueña con las estrellas y alcánzalas con un solo abrazo!

Todos hemos quedado asombrados ¡Maravillados! Con los cielos estrellados que no hace más que dejarnos con la boca abierta ¡deseando subir y llegar a ellas! Y los niños y niñas no son esa excepción. Y nuestra lindo peluche KINREX Estrella cumple con ese sueño en forma muy suave y adorable. Con una presentación hermosa de color amarillo brillante hace de este peluche un gran regalo ¡Sea cual sea la ocasión! 

¡Como deseo hecho realidad! Con sus dimensiones y texturas es ideal para tocar y explorar. Además de que la alta calidad de los materiales, como la felpa súper suave y las fibras 100% poliéster, Este suave peluche en forma de estrella con 2 lados (alegre y triste) mide aproximadamente 6" / 15.2 cm. y pesa alrededor de 30 gramos, haciéndolo apto hasta para los bebés recién nacidos. Es fácil de limpiar, de lavar y mantener ¡No esperes más y compre ya!