What do you need to make a stuffed animal?

What do you need to make a stuffed animal?

What do you need to make a stuffed animal?

Plush animals are some of the most sold toys around the globe. They rule the toy market because they’re fluffy, soft, cuddly and safe for basically any age and type of kid or adult.

Teddy Bears and basically all types of plush toys are a gift or present that shows just how much you care about a special person, but sometimes it feels like an almost impossible task to find the ideal plush toy or one that really speaks to the personality of the one you want to give it to.

When this happens we strongly recommend you turn on your creativity and start working on personalised stuffed animals, a cuddly creature no one else in the world will have and that’ll make the perfect gift.

Keep reading to find out exactly what you need to make a stuffed animal.

Draw your idea

The very first step you’ll need to take when creating personalised stuffed animals is to create a prototype or at least draw the idea that’s in your mind.

When you put your ideas in paper you start to see them more clearly and visualize them as something doable or something completely crazy that cannot happen.

Once you draw the animal, creature or even shape that you want to turn into a plush toy, make sure to double check all the details such as measurements, size, colour and even keep in mind the tiniest details such as the eyes, the tail or even the clothing you want it to have.

Make sure to draw something that’s according to your sewing skills (unless you have someone who sews for you).

Make or get the patterns

The second thing you’ll need to create as many personalised stuffed animals as you want is to draw the patterns of the toy.

With your drawing at hand, you’ll need to visualize the shape and number of pieces needed to cut the fabric and create a 3-dimensional version of what you envisioned.

If you have no experience whatsoever with pattern-making you can also reach out to someone who does and show them your drawings and ideas, or you can even go to one of those pages where you can download hundreds of plush toy patterns and simply cut them and have them ready to start your project.

Collect the needed materials

So now you have the drawing and even the patterns to start working on the personalised stuffed animal of your preference.

The next step is to go to a fabric store and pick the one you like the most to make your fluffy creation.

Keep in mind that extremely elastic fabrics are not ideal for this type of project since they might not help get the right shape of the toy.

You can pick a more stiff fabric but it can also have plush or fur for a softer look. Remember to also purchase thread, needles, buttons and every possible item you might need to create your stuffed animal.

Sew your plush toy

And now for the longest and most detailed step of the process of making a personalized stuffed animal.

There are two ways in which you can sew your new plush toy: you can take your sewing machine and stitch the patterns together -which is a great choice if you have experience using a sewing machine- or you can hand-sew it, which is the most recommended alternative for people who have very little experience with sewing.

Just remember that, if you’re going to hand-sew your project, you’ll need to make strong and tight stitches that will last long enough and contain the filling of the plush toy correctly.

We never recommend you trying to glue a plush toy with fabric glue because this is only designed to last for a while and it’s not as resistant as a stitch.

Enjoy your personalised stuffed animals

The final and best step in order to create personalised stuffed animals is to simply enjoy them!

You can take your plush toy and wrap it up nicely so you can give them as gifts to your friends according to their favourite colours or characters, or you  can simply keep them to yourself and start a very special collection of personalised characters and items that are unique in this world.

Personalized stuffed toys are very rare, but each time more people are looking to create very special versions of their favourite plush toys so that no one else in the world has the same furry little friend.

If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of creating a new plush toy for yourself, keep in mind that you can always purchase an existing plush toy and customize it by adding buttons, ribbons or even new clothing to it.

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