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What use can I give to my stuffed animals?

What use can I give to my stuffed animals?

Let’s face the facts, everybody owns stuffed animals and what’s most important, everyone wants at least one during their lifetime.

Your kids are probably obsessed with them and have a bunch of these furry cute buddies.

But sometimes you or your kids get thoughtful about which new things you could do with them. In this post we’ll show you what other uses you can give to your stuffed animals to bring them to life. 

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Play with stuffed toys

Stuffed animals should be the first choice for playing. You can play with them as you would play with any other toys. They are fun to play with, they can be rough or gentle, and you can change the way you play with them.

You can be imaginative with them, and they can be the ones to inspire your play.

Purple giant teddy bear



Stuffed animals are the ones you can use to make up stories and to have fun with your imagination. You can pretend that they are real people, that they are your friends, or that they are the characters in a story that you are reading.

You can pretend that you are in another place, or that you are someone else. You can use them to get you into a different mood.

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Stuffed animals are the ones you can use to take a break from everyday life. You can relax with them, and they can help you to get into a better mood. You can use them to help you get through a hard day.

You can use  stuffed animals to relax and to help you get into a more peaceful mood. You can have a hug, a kiss, a snuggle, or a play with them. You can use them to help you calm down or to help get ready for bed. You can use them to help fall asleep.

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Stuffed animals as decoration

If you just love stuffed animals but are running out of ideas of what to do with them when your kids are not playing with them, maybe you should start thinking of them as being a cool part of your house decoration during holidays and special occasions.

Choose the best plush toys in size and make them into a new and cute decoration.

Giant pink teddy bear


You can dress them up with witch hats and tiny fangs for Halloween, surround them in flowers on your living room for springtime, make them hold heart garlands for Valentines Day,

sit them on top of a funny turkey plush like this one for Thanksgiving, or dress them with tiny Santa hats for Christmas along with a super cool stuffed animals Christmas crown. Imagine how much cooler will your house decor look all year long? 

Turn stuffed animals into puppets

Sometimes you would like your kids toys to have a little extra something that makes them more fun; you’d also like to participate in their games and there is a great way to do that! If you’ve never heard of turning stuffed animals into puppets we’ll show you how:

There are two easy ways to create a puppet: take a plush toy like this cute teddy bear or this adorable elephant and locate the seam opposite to the head (it can be the back or the bottom) and make a small cut.

Brown stuffed teddy bear

You can either take some stuffing out and insert a glove so that you can manipulate the puppet with your fingers or you can only insert a wooden or plastic stick deep enough so that you can use the stick as a “controller”. This is a cool way to make your kid’s  stuffed animals be more “alive”.

Make a hip and fashion kids purse

If your kids have found a plush toy that they love and they just want to take them any place they go, there is a way to get a better use of it and kill two birds with one stone.

Have you ever thought of making stuffed animals into purses? By doing this they can take it AND other favourite toys with them anywhere without risking losing them.

It’s pretty easy too! You just have to locate the plush’s back (works better on animals that rest on four legs) and cut the seams as wide as you’d like the bag’s opening.

Remove all of the stuffing but the legs part and make a tidy stitch to the edges of the fabric. Then you can sew a ribbon on both ends and you have yourself a purse made with stuffed animals!

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Turn your stuffed animals into removable stuffing!

Your kids want or already have a ton of stuffed animals and they adore to play with each one of them, but let’s face it, they can’t be playing them with all at the same time.

So when they’re paying attention to one of their plush toys or dolls they tend to forget about the rest, only to come back to another one in a few days.

But while they are repeating this love- hate cycle with their stuffed animals, the poor things are just laying around all over the house and you’re going crazy from not knowing how to store them.

plush toys

We have the most creative and comfortable solution for you! You just have to sew a huge soft fabric bag and put a large zipper on it, and any time your kids leave some of their stuffed animals just place them inside the bag, creating a fun bean bag with them being the temporary stuffing.

This way, when they’re back to missing their dear Teddy Bear, you  can just unzip the bean bag and take it out, replacing it with another one.

Whether it’s as part of your house or just giving them a different and cool new use, stuffed animals are going to be in your life for many many years, so why not try these ideas with your plushy little friends?

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