Original baby shower themes

Original baby shower themes

Original baby shower themes

Nowadays, it’s normal to try to step up as a mom, grandma of party host and walk away from the cliché “pink o blue” baby shower.

With so much cool items to decorate, bake, and create, it’s almost impossible to choose from just one of the many baby shower themes that exist or can be created.

If you want to plan something incredible that no one (and specially the mom) won’t forget; check out these original baby shower themes.

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Dreamcatcher baby shower themes

This is the perfect theme if you have a classic style but want to give it an edgy twist. Nowadays there are lots of baby shower themes that don’t necessarily involve a book, movie or even a character, and one great example of this are the dreamcatchers.

The origin of this artifact are Native-American cultures that wove them as a thread loop sometimes with feathers or beads hanging from them; and the purpose of a dreamcatcher is to guard someone’s dream and chase away the bad ones. 

What better baby shower theme than this one? You and your friends are going to celebrate and guard this new baby’s dreams, and you can do it with lots of style.

Start of by making or buying dream catchers in different shapes and hues of the color you chose, they will serve as decoration in the walls and hanging from the ceiling. You can bake a cake with a doughnut shape and decorate around it with icing like a dream catcher.

Lastly, a cool idea for an activity can be a “weave your own dream catcher” workshop.


For the mom who loves great weather, dreams of an island vacation and has a fun personality, one of the best and most popular baby shower themes these days is a Tropical baby shower.

Everybody will have lots of fun pretending they are in the depths of the jungle or in a sunny island, and if you manage to have your baby shower outdoors it will be even more believable.

The best part about this baby shower theme is that you don’t really need to pick a color palette for it, nature did the work for you!

An element that can’t miss are tropical plants and leaves as garlands for decoration, tiny and bright pineapples also shout “vacay!”, you can get balloons in every shade of green you can find and mix them with real or fake plants to make a backdrop for pictures.

Get your hands on a super cool palm tree inflatable cooler like this one and fill it up with, duh, drinks, or maybe if this is a PG rated baby shower you can put a ton of diapers in it as decor and gift for the mom.

Day and Night theme

If you’re looking for baby shower themes as sweet and tender as the newborn that’s coming soon, you’ll find nothing better than a “Day and Night” theme.

You might find this theme confusing, but if you think about it, the sun and the moon make regular appearances on a baby’s room, their clothing, their diapers, their toys, even on their lamps.

Why not start on a good note with the most popular icons as a whole baby shower theme?

You can easily make a wall decor creating soft clouds with balloons and cotton, and place a smiling sun on one side and a dozing moon on the other one. For some cool treats you can bake cupcakes with half a moon and half a sun drawn in icing, or make half a batch for each one.

The cool thing about this baby shower theme is how much calmness it brings and how aesthetically pleasing it will turn out for the mom and guests.

Fun baby shower themes: Safari

Believe it or not, there are still moms who don’t want to know the sex of their baby. If this is the case and you are either the mom or the party host, we’re here to tell you it’s not that hard to find baby shower themes that can easily be gender neutral and still look colorful.

Think about one of the most classic topics for babies and toddlers, how about a Safari themed baby shower? With plenty of adorable animals from where to choose and a wide range of colors, safaris and the savanna are a foolproof choice.

Keep things classic with plenty of animal decoration and maybe wall details in yellow hues, maybe even print or draw different animal footprints and place them all over the walls and floor to recreate the “safari” experience.

And as a guest, if you know the baby shower theme and want to give the mom a little gift following the same motif, try picking an adorable elephant of giraffe stuffed animal for the little one.

Pick your favorite and give it a touch of your personal style!

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