Easter Basket Stuffers Your Family Needs

Easter Basket Stuffers Your Family Needs

Easter Basket Stuffers Your Family Needs

 Easter is right around the corner and now is the time to start getting organized for your celebrations.

We love Easter because it is a time to gather with family and celebrate what is meaningful to those around you. We’ve gathered up a few items from around our website to help you find the best Easter basket stuffers this year.

This spring I’ve been thinking a lot about what to put in my kids' Easter baskets. It's not like they're old enough yet for the traditional chocolate and eggs, so this year I wanted something new! Now that summer is right around the corner it got me excited--for some reason these days all holidays seem more youthful than ever before?

This week on "What Do You Want To Put In Your Bunny Basket" (or whatever), we'll be exploring how you can celebrate Spring without having any treats at hand by making DIY decorations using materials found around your house or neighborhood; then simply adding them.

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Every year, my children go to this big Easter egg hunt at their church. They come home with huge bags of candy and an even huger bag from me!

Every time they visit Grandma during holidays she makes them something new-a stuffed animal or some other trinket toy that ends up on the floor within 20 minutes after being put away—because there are already so many toys hiding out in corners everywhere.

I look when we have guests over -I don't know how anyone could ever find enough room for all those furry friends...and then if you're anything like me who has been buying these same types of presents every single Christmas since birthdays were invented?

Bunny-Ears Craft Kit: Adults and kids alike will love this playful craft set of Bunny ears. Together you and your family can make a variety of headbands to wear for your celebrations!

Made of high-quality paper, this set comes with four headbands and 30 different add-ons like bunny ears, hats, eggs, and bowties, plus 40 decorative stickers! We suggest crafting your four headbands and then using the leftover accessories for additional Easter Day crafts.

Stuffed Easter Bunny: This cuddly and cute Easter bunny would make a lovely companion for anyone who you are looking to gift to this Easter. He is adorable and fluffy with big, soft ears and feet and a decorative Easter egg.

This Easter bunny is very soft, made from 100% polyester, and weighs about 11 ounces. Add this sweet gift to an Easter basket or gift alone and you are sure to make someone’s Easter Day brighter and happier!

Emoji Silicone Wristbands: These silicone bracelets come in a set of 10 different emojis and are a great addition to your Easter basket. Teens, kids and adults alike will love finding these stuffed in eggs or just as filler in an Easter basket.

They are a fun, safe, non-candy option for your Easter baskets this year and a great accessory for Spring! We know everyone in the family would love to find a couple of these in their basket this year.

We just picked a few of from our wide selection of gifts on our site to help you find some great Easter basket stuffers for your friends and family, but there is much more to choose from on our site!

From flashing rings to pool floats and stuffed animals, you can shop our “Toys & Novelties” section of our shop to find a wide variety of other Easter basket stuffers for your Easter party.

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Easter Baskets, what better way to stock up than with baskets of your favorite treats? From Peeps and chocolate rabbits to personalized baskets filled with trinkets and sweets all the kids will love - we’ve got you covered! If you are hosting, make sure to check out our tips for hosting Easter!

Bunny Ears, these floppy ears are perfect for any occasion - they’re colorful, soft and they’re the same quality as our adult-sized bunny ears. They aren’t just another hat either - they also make great photo props. Kids love but these items are so much fun for all ages.

Egg Hunt Accessories, if the Easter Bunny is coming to pick up your eggs this year, you’ve got to have some accessories! Our crack-resistant plastic eggs are perfect for hiding these fun toys.

They come with a hinged lid that snaps shut and will stand up to all of the “accidents” that might happen during Easter egg hunts.

Peeps, no Easter basket is complete without the traditional peep show! From chocolate-covered to jelly-filled - there are so many ways to enjoy these fluffy treats. They make great food items for the kids to decorate on their own and they’re great for decorating Easter cookies and cakes. We love these whimsical bunny peeps and chocolate-filled peep pops.

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Personalized Gifts, we all know how cute personalized gifts can be - but what makes them special? This is a gift that becomes a cherished keepsake the whole family will value.

Our personalized bunny gifts are adorable, and we love the idea of giving these items as Easter basket stuffers. A little something to go with the baskets for Mom and dad and the personal touch makes it even more special.

Spring Decorations, there is so much you can do with Easter decor! From spring flowers to Easter egg garland, there are a plethora of decorations to make your Easter extra special.

We love the idea of using paper flowers as a centerpiece - it’s a fun way to personalize your table setting and everyone loves decorating with items they find at Easter.

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