How to wash stuffed toys in Washing Machine

How to wash stuffed toys in Washing Machine

I have a lot of stuffed toys in my house, and they get dirty quickly. I'd love to do something with them other than toss them in the closet and forget about them. But how can I clean them without ruining them?

The answer is easy: you can wash stuffed animals in your washing machine! It's not as terrifying as it seems, and if you follow these simple steps, you'll be able to clean most stuffed toys while saving time and effort.

How to wash your stuffed toys in a Washing Machine 

We've all accidentally or carelessly washed something we shouldn't have. So put your stuffed Toy in a washing machine if the tag indicates that machine washing is acceptable.

In a washing machine, wash stuffed toys as follows:

Sample Colors

The initial step is to do a colour-fastness test on the stuffed toys to see if their clothing is made of coloured fabric. If the color bleeds, dab a mixture of half water and half detergent on a hidden area; if so, use only water in the washer.

Treat Spot Stains

In a bowl, combine a teaspoon of white vinegar with a cup of cold water. Use a fresh, white cloth dipped in spot remover to blot spots until no visible stain remains. Always dab rather than massage a stain to avoid rubbing the stain deeper into the fur.

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Eradicate germs

Washable stuffed toys can be sanitized in the washer by adding laundry sanitizer. Even during the cold and flu season, it can be tempting to use a spray disinfectant to clean toys, but the chemicals may harm the synthetic fur.

Wash and Bag

Put each stuffed Toy in a zippered pillowcase or mesh bag before washing it, whether you have one or more. The last thing you need is for one of your favourites to become tangled up with a toy or an agitator and break. A mild detergent, cold water, and the delicate cycle should keep things secure. If there is a care label, follow it.

Flaky and dry

Roll the stuffed Toy in a fresh, white bath towel, then push down to wring out any extra moisture. To assist the stuffed Toy in returning to its standard shape, re-distribute any moved fill material. Then, let the item air dry. Finally, say hello to your as-good-as-new furry friend after fluffing everything up and ensuring all the fill is where it should be.

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Use mild detergent to wash your stuffed Toy.

The initial thing you should do is use a mild detergent. Fabric softeners, bleach, and dryer sheets are not recommended for cleaning stuffed animals.

Detergents that contain no harsh chemicals will work best for cleaning your stuffed animal in the washing machine. Many different kinds of detergents are available at most grocery stores or supermarket chains; choose one that is appropriate for your fabric type (e.g., cotton vs. polyester).

Make sure that you check the label on your detergent box if there is any need for clarification about its contents before using it on your stuffed animals!

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Use cold water to wash your stuffed Toys.

To clean your stuffed animals, you will want to use cold water. It is because hot water can cause the stuffed toys' fur to shrink and become damaged. Cold water also has less of an impact on the stuffing inside of a toy than warm or hot liquid does.

You should not use any detergent when cleaning stuffed toys in washing machines; instead, use mild soap or shampoo only if needed.

Also, note that it is not recommended for you to use an agitator with your washing machine as this can damage it over time due to friction caused by this device moving around while turning on its spin cycle (this could cause wear and tear).

Use the gentle cycle and a soft bag.

You'll want to use the gentle cycle on your washing machine and use a small bag to protect your stuffed Toy. You'll also want to ensure that you're using cold water, which will help keep your stuffed toys soft and give them a nice look.

Finally, use a mild detergent (like liquid or powder) in the wash cycle, and don't bleach or use fabric softener with it!

Don't overload the washing machine.

  • Don't overload the washing machine.
  • Only wash one stuffed Toy at a time.
  • Don't wash stuffed toys with other items, like towels or bedding (which can cause them to shrink).

Air dry the stuffed Toys after you wash them.

Air drying your stuffed animal is the best way to dry it. If you choose to air dry, it will save you money on electricity and protect the environment by reducing water usage.

You can also place your stuffed Toy on a clothesline after washing it with cold water (or even just letting them hang out in your house) if there's no other option for drying that day.

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Clean more giant stuffed toys in a bathtub.

You can clean larger stuffed animals in a bathtub. Use a mild detergent, not soap. Fill the tub with cold water and put your stuffed animal in it to soak for about 15 minutes. Rinse with clear running water until all the dirt and stains are gone, then add more hot or warm water (if needed).

Remember: If you're using a washing machine, don't overload it! Also, you should never use an automatic setting on your machine's spin cycle because this can cause damage to clothes and even damage some fabrics like velour or suede that are delicate enough to be damaged by being washed too often in high heat settings."

You can wash most stuffed toys in the washing machine and use a clothes dryer or air-dry them, but read the tags first!

Before you begin, it's essential to know what the tag on your stuffed animal says. f it states "hand washes only" or "dry clean only," don't wash them in the machine!

If it says "machine washable," then go for it!

So, do yourself a favor and wash your stuffed toys well. The best way to clean stuffed toys is using mild detergent, cold water, and a gentle cycle on the washer. If you are worried about the dryer setting or clothes being damaged, use an air dryer or invest in larger-sized items.

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