Halloween Crafts for kids

Halloween crafts for the little ones

Halloween crafts for the little ones

Halloween is here! As with any other important holiday, your kids like to feel the spirit and get involved with anything that gets them to have fun.

Asides from trick or treating, you can plan some fun Halloween crafts for them to do.

You don't need to spend a lot of money and the kids will have a blast using their imagination to create some crazy creations. If you don't know where to start check out our post.

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Halloween crafts to keep them busy: hand monsters

One of the main purposes of Halloween crafts is to (let’s be honest) keep the kids occupied, but the best way to do that is to make them fun and involve their imagination.

That is why cute and colorful handprint monsters are a great choice. With this activity you can involve them in every part of the process so that they won't be waiting around for you to get everything ready.

First, take foam or carton sheets in several colors, and get the kids to choose the one they want. Mark up their little hands and cut them to get the hand shape ready.

From that point it's all up to the kid to make the most original monster they can imagine! Get some googly eyes, small stickers, magic markers, stamps, buttons... you name it!

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Their first pumpkin carving

A very important step in any kids life is when they finally get the chance to make their first pumpkin carving.

This is a classic activity than can't be missed during your favorite holiday, it would be like Thanksgiving without turkey or Easter without an egg hunt!

So,  if you're trying to make cool Halloween crafts for your kids look no further! It's time for them to get in on this tradition.

There is a whole process involved in pumpkin carving (if you'd like to know more about this read this article), but the first step is to have the perfect tools.

You can get your first pumpkin carving kit here. Then make sure to choose a small and firm pumpkin so that your kid can work on it well, but it's very important that you supervise your child every step of the way because, after all, they'll be working with sharp tools.

Plastic cup spiders

Who said Halloween crafts need to be over-the-top and involve a lot of fancy material?

With this super fun idea of making plastic cup spiders as Halloween crafts you'll realize just how easy it is to keep kids busy and entertained, while celebrating the spirit of Halloween.

Get a pack of the classic red plastic cup (you can actually buy the cups in different colors and even sizes! Try shot cups and bigger cups) and as many small items as you'd think look cool.

Glue pipe cleaners in different colors to the rim of the cup to recreate a spider's legs and a couple of googly eyes.

From that point your kid can choose anything they like to decorate the spider cup: buttons, stickers, ribbons, beads... let their imagination fly!


Edible Halloween crafts: Jell-O brain

Some people think Halloween crafts are a bunch of paper and other materials that will inevitably end up in the trash in a couple of weeks,

if you are one of those people or you consider yourself a sustainable person who tries to avoid making trash, we have good news for you.

You can keep your kids busy and entertained, and make something cool by making (or rather baking) edible Halloween crafts!

First of all you'll need a super useful gelatin brain mold like this one. Buy a pack of Jell-O and make it like you usually would.

You don't even need to get pink or red mix, get creative and buy different flavors and colors. For more ideas for Halloween crafts as treats read this article.

So as you see, there are many cool ideas for Halloween crafts that don't necessarily require a lot of expensive material or great craft abilities.

Find some cool activities to involve your kids as much as they can and think of things that won't be dangerous for them so they are actually making the Halloween crafts on their own or almost completely on their own.

Let Halloween fun begin!

Halloween is one of America's most beloved holidays, and Halloween crafts for the little ones are plentiful in celebration. Halloween also gives parents an opportunity to teach their kids about Halloween traditions around the world.

Be creative by using everyday objects found around the house (glue stick, tape, paper plates, pencils) with Halloween shapes or Halloween characters you find online or at your local craft store.

Also, don't be discouraged if you see a Halloween craft idea that looks too difficult; there are plenty of Halloween crafts for the little ones that can be created with everyday household items when time is short