Have you ever thought of a Halloween date?

Have you ever thought of a Halloween date?

Have you ever thought of a Halloween date?

Halloween comes again, you have 3 different parties on your calendar that will probably get wild and last all night with friends in the craziest costumes partying non-stop; you could take your little brother/nephew/some kid you’re related to trick or treating… but the truth is you only want to spend tonight with your couple. Sounds familiar?

 Yes, we get the feeling. So have you ever thought of having a date in Halloween?

A Halloween date can be fun!

Of course it can! Don’t think that just because Halloween is a holiday meant to scare and be scared you can’t get some romance out of it. We’re pretty sure there are great movies, shows, activities or events in your city that you can attend just with your couple, and if there are none you can plan it on your own. In fact, we’re so sure of this that we’ll give you some useful tips to plan the best Halloween date you’ve ever had (if you’ve ever had one)

(Scary) Movie night

We get it, not everyone is into huge loud parties, and that’s ok too. Make the scariest night of the year a cozy couples thing if you feel less like going out and more like putting on a pair of cozy pants and a sweatshirt. Think about it, movie nights are always a good lazy plan, and scary movies are the best genre that was ever made! So why not turn this into a stay-at-home Halloween date? 

All you have to do is make a bunch of popcorn, dim the lights or turn them off all the way and make a great selection of your favorite horror movies of all time. With this Halloween date idea you’ll definitely not forget about the spirit of the day but without the hassle of getting all dressed up. Plus! You’ll get to eat tons of Halloween candy right from your couch.

Halloween dinner date

This idea sounds a little confusing and tricky right? Why would you spend a romantic evening precisely on Halloween? Well, if you and your couple have a good sense of humor  then you can have a great time and do something a little different seizing the spirit of the day. That’s why a Halloween date sounds like fun.

You can get some spooky decor like spider webs, pumpkin led lights like these, fake or old candelabra and place some small candles to get some dim lighting. You can also make some great “scary” dinner ideas like bloody spaguetti, hot dog mummies and tons of Halloween treats. Basically, the idea is to do something different as a couple and we can bet you that a Halloween date is something none of you have ever done!

Haunted House or Escape Room

If you two are the kind of people who have lots of energy and are always up for a challenge, one of these ideas for a Halloween date are for you. There is nothing like the thrill a haunted house can give you, with it’s scary characters, dark spaces and creepy sounds you’ll have adrenaline pumping through your body. Also, getting scared by a bloody werewolf is ALWAYS a good time to get some hug time from your partner.

If you want a more dynamic, less passive, activity, you can always try going to an escape room. Escape rooms are couple or team games that challenge your mind and physical abilities, letting you choose a theme or situation in which you have one hour to solve the “problem” and break free or you loose. Honestly, this sounds like the best Halloween date idea if you want to experience the “I’m in a scary movie” feeling.

So there it is! You probably didn’t think you’d find original ideas or plans for a Halloween dates, but we surprised you right? There are lots of things you can watch or do that involve the scariest night on the calendar without having to be apart or spend time with more people.

So get planning lovebirds! Halloween awaits you ❤

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