Plush Toys Safe Gifts For Babies

Plush Toys Safe Gifts For Babies?

Plush Toys Safe Gifts For Babies?

When a new baby comes into the family, it brings nothing but joy and wonder to every relative or friend of the newborn.

It’s only natural that you feel the urge to buy all sorts of gifts to the new baby, everything from tiny clothes and velvety blankets to recreational toys and the cutest stuffed animals.

Specially speaking of plush toys, there’s a vast amount of designs that seem super attractive for a baby, but here’s the catch: not every stuffed animal is safe for babies.

This doesn't mean that you can’t buy a plush toy to a baby or toddler, it just means you have to be extra careful with the type of toy you purchase.

Keep reading to find out how to identify a safe plush toy.

Check the fabric

Babies are extra-sensitive when it comes to fabrics and materials, and there’s no exception regarding stuffed animals.

Some synthetic textiles are made with polymer blends that could irritate babies’ skin and even cause them itching, rashes or major allergies.

Asides from fabrics, the dyes can also be very strong when they come in contact with the skin of a baby, that’s why you should be careful not to pick toxic or harmful materials.

Before you purchase a plush toy to give as a gift, check not only the tag but also the quality of the fabric.

Only the highest-quality textiles can be safe when getting in contact with baby skin, and the same goes for adults with sensitive skin!

Keep an eye on little details

The first thing you should care for regarding babies and toys are pieces that are too small for them.

Tiny and thin pieces of toys can be very dangerous and even deadly for babies, who are likely to place them in their mouth and risk choking on them.

If you want to give the perfect gift for a baby and a peace of mind to their parents, look for all the little details that make up a toy.

Every detail counts: little plastic eyes, noses, wires inside of ears or tails and small decorative buttons could be easily detached from the plush toy and ingested by the baby.

Also, small strings can get tangled on babies’ fingers and obstruct circulation. The safest bet are bigger details that don’t fit on babies’ mouths or embroidered details that represent no harm to a baby.

See wash instructions

Let’s get real: babies and toddlers’ toys are supposed to last everything, starting from getting ultra dirty pretty quickly.

A baby’s favorite furry friend will accompany them during their naps, lunchtime, milk time and while traveling.

In a matter of days a plush toy can get covered in food, drool and lots of germs from the places they see.

If you really want to give the new baby an amazing gift that also their parents will love, make sure the plush toy you buy can be easily washed in washing machine or by hand and it’s safe to put on the drier.

Easy-to-wash stuffed animals are most likely to last longer and be the baby’s best friend for a while.

Keep them off the crib

This is a great advice for parents who receive plush toys as gifts for their new baby.

It’s most likely you’ll get dozens of cute and soft toys in all sorts of colors and figurines, enough for your baby to play with for years and years.

But since you want to make the best experience for you and your newborn, you always have to keep in mind their safety.

We strongly recommend keeping all of the plush toys away from the crib. In spite of having only safe-for-baby stuffed animals, you still don’t want to risk choking and asphyxia to happen at night or during nap time.

A clean crib with only a pillow and a blanket is ideal.

The safest plush toys for babies

Now that you know all the things that a stuffed animal can’t have, you should also know how they can be. The safest plush toys for babies and toddlers are medium-sized to large-sized.

They can have all sorts of textures but it’s better if they don’t have too large fur or long strings or threads.

A safe stuffed animal has embroidered details such as the eyes, nose and mouth instead or small plastic pieces that could be detached easily.

In addition to this, make sure the plush toy you buy has borders or small sides where the baby can easily handle them.

In conclusion, plush toys are a safe choice to gift to a new baby, as long as you make sure to pick the right materials, the quality of manufacture and the care instructions.

Now you know how to pay attention to little details so you can pick the ideal toy for a baby. If you want to find the best plush toys for babies check out our store for stuffed animals such as plush elephants, plush pacifier holders and even the classic Teddy Bear.

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