The cutest baby Halloween costumes

The cutest baby Halloween costumes

The cutest baby Halloween costumes

Even the youngest members of the family want to be a part of the most fun Holiday!

If you have a party and want to show of your little one, or it’s their first time trick or treating and you want them to earn the best candy; you must check out these baby Halloween costumes.

They’re all simple looks to get and you don’t have to break the bank making them.

Dora the Explorer

We all know this lovable, teaching cartoon that solves problems along her friend Boots and her backpack. Can you imagine how adorable your baby will look like in a Dora the Explorer costume?

Get one of the simplest baby Halloween costumes ready for your toddler with the most basic elements.

You’ll need a pair of orange shorts, a pink t-shirt, yellow socks with white sneakers and a purple backpack.

The most important part? The wig! Get your girl a short bob brown wig like this one, and if you can get your hands on a flower wristwatch like the one Dora has you’ll have a winning costume.

The easiest baby Halloween costumes: Troll Dolls

Do you remember those wacky Troll Dolls that made an appearance on virtually any lunchbox, toy store, happy meal or TV show in the 90’s?

They were equal parts scary and lovable because of their toddler-like bodies with huge eyes and their crazy spiky hair.

Now this is an idea for baby Halloween costumes that fits both boys and girls because it’s so simple and gender-neutral.

Right before their fame went out of control and they started making them in all sorts of outfits, sizes and even characters; the original Troll Dolls were a very plain figurine.

The only thing you have to do to get your baby ready is get a wacky, bright colored updo wig,

put it on and leave your baby in diapers or a plain white onesie. If you feel you can do better, get a skin colored onesie to imitate the OG Troll Doll.


This one’s for the girls (or your boy if he’s into this mythical creature too). At a certain point, every girl is obsessed with unicorns.

They want them on their pillowcases, their towel, their backpack, their movies, everywhere. So why not make your baby girl’s come true and turn them into a unicorn?

Although lately it’s more seen on adults, the unicorn is one of the cutest baby Halloween costumes you can pick for your child; and even though it might sound like a lot of work the truth is you only need the right accessory.

The most important part of the costume is the wig and horn of the unicorn. To be honest,

if you can get your hands on one of these amazing headpieces that have all included, the rest of the costume can be pretty basic.

Try an all-white outfit to recreate the magical horse’s body, or go all the way with a matching tutu rainbow-colored skirt.

Grandpa: Funniest baby halloween costumes

You might have seen this adorable scene on Pinterest or scrolling through your Instagram: a cute little baby with grey hair walking with a tiny cane and a pair of tiny glasses right in the tip of their nose.

The baby grandpa is honestly one of the funniest baby Halloween costumes you’ll see anywhere, choose this idea for your baby and everyone will “awww” when you walk by them.  

This costume is all about the details, sure, but it doesn’t mean it’s a lot of hard work. First of all, get some black eyeliner and draw age lines and creases all over your baby’s face, you can even add sun marks with a little makeup.

Then place a well combed silver wig like this one and add a pair of glasses to your baby (you can just hang them with a string or pin them if they won’t stay in place).

Pick the most “grandpa style” clothing you find on your baby’s closet and voila!

Cheap, easy to make and they will make your baby the envy of the block; try these simple baby Halloween costumes and give them a spin experimenting with different items!

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