Why do people enjoy the spirit of Halloween?

Why do people enjoy the spirit of Halloween?

Why do people enjoy the spirit of Halloween?

There’s holidays everybody waits for, and one of the most anticipated holidays of the year is Halloween. People are eager to get their pumpkins, stock on candy and get their costumes ready, but why exactly?

Is there a real reason why people enjoy the spirit of Halloween like nothing else in the year? Keep reading to find out why this night makes your stomach churn (in a good way!)

It’s a lightweight holiday

This is probably the most important reason why people just love to be a part of the spirit of Halloween.

As opposed to Christmas and Thanksgiving, where people are somewhat forced to make this big event, cook a fancy dinner and get all dressed up; Halloween is completely casual AND optional.

You feel like staying home and watching horror movies? you feel like carving a pumpkin? you feel like dressing up and going to a party?

It’s all acceptable! Taking the pressure of a holiday makes it ten times more enjoyable, every plan involves fun and none of them involve a big and boring commitment.

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The spirit Halloween makes us fantasize 

The cool thing about this day is that no matter your size and age, you get to be whoever you want, whoever you choose and whoever you dream to be. Doesn’t that make Halloween the best holiday of the year?

There’s plenty of people who don’t really feel fulfilled by the life they live, and it can be a liberating expression to get the chance to play-pretend for a day without people judging. 

And even if you’re actually happy with your life you can’t deny the thrill of thinking of turning into a zombie, a fairy or even a celebrity doesn’t make you love spirit Halloween

People face their fears 

It’s a fact that, psychologically speaking, facing our fears is considered the first step to defeat them or overcome them, and facing your fears actually has a very powerful effect on them.

For example, Mexican culture has the Day of the Dead, when they not only greet them from the underworld but they write limericks and rhymes to make fun of death; as a way of showing they’re not scared of it. 

A good way to take advantage of the spirit of Halloween is to face your most personal fear and use it as a costume, the process of creating it or looking for it and wearing it will not only be fun, but it will slowly make your fear disappear. 

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The spirit of Halloween sparks a sense of community

Of course, the purpose of many holidays is to bring people together; but with the stress of making dinner parties, buying presents and visiting family, the whole point is distortion and you end up suffering the holiday and wishing you were in bed alone.

The cool thing about this holiday is that without even trying, it actually brings people together. And not just family, it can unite the whole community. 

The spirit of Halloween and the fun it represents makes people want to give candy to neighbors, make parties with friends, maybe even put together a  scary house for people to drop by… Halloween is the perfect holiday to enjoy either alone or in company. 

The treats 

This is an obvious one but it can’t not be on our list! Halloween is the one night of the year when it’s OK to stuff your face with your favourite candy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 80, everybody loves a bite size pieces of chocolate or a lollipop; and to make things even more exciting you’ll be getting this candy for free.

No wonder why people hop into the spirit of Halloween and tour the neighborhood rocking their costumes in search for the best candies to enjoy dinner and maybe even for breakfast the next day. 

So there you go, if you were wondering why do feel the need to join the spirit of Halloween, we just gave you great reasons that have people counting the days for October 31st to arrive.

Now that Halloween is upon us, get your spirits up and think of how you can make this night an original one by mixing things up with a party or a haunted house!  

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