Skull Chandelier - Halloween Candelabra - Skull Led Candelabra

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Light Up Your Halloween Party With This Super Cool Skull LED Candelabra!

Your guests will be drawn to this eerie light by the power of the flickering skulls on the chandelier! Each skull has a led bulb within it and is also illuminated from behind, giving it an inner glow and creating an even more dramatic ambiance. Check the amazing Halloween Fake Blood for fun activities.


A perfect decoration for your Halloween Party or any other spooky outfit you may conjure up!

The Skull Chandelier consists of 8 skulls adorning its circular platform with 3-5 inches between each one. Of course your new piece would not be complete without some ghostly onesies which can complement your new candelabra perfectly! Alongside burning candles, this malevolent object will surely help set a sweet and shocking tone for all of your festivities. Check the best Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tools.

A Halloween chandelier can be a perfect decoration for Halloween parties

So if you are searching the web for Halloween ideas and inspiration take a look at this skull led chandelier. It can equally become an original Halloween gift for friends and family. It is quite easy to make your own Halloween chandelier using cardboard (for example, from boxes), black paint or paper, glue, scissors and LED light bulbs.

Use LED lights because they last very long without producing too much heat. This kind of light bulb is all the rage in decorating nowadays due to its energy efficiency and cool temperature which makes it easy on the eye (and sensitive skin). Try your hand at making one today!

The Halloween chandelier doesn't have to be too scary. It only requires the simplest of Halloween decorations to create a spooky ambience in your Halloween party. Have fun decorating this Halloween candelabra!

You've got the power of the dark side. So make sure you get yourself a nice light to make it easy. This is a must for any Halloween party decoration. You'll love the way this Halloween skull chandelier lights up your night! It's made of metal and covered with resin.

It hangs from an adjustable chain and includes a removable tablecloth to protect your table from drips. You'll love how this skull chandelier adds a scary touch to any room or party. Check the amazing Halloween Pumpkin Bucket.

This Halloween skull chandelier will surely bring a touch of magic and enchantment to any room

Its skull shape will add a beautiful spooky touch to your house. It has a long chain and three hooks. A modern twist on the classic chandelier, these skull designs will set your home in a state of terror.

Perfect for creating a chilling atmosphere around your home this year, especially with the impending doom of Halloween right around the corner! A Halloween skull chandelier with the power to light up and scare away the dark on Halloween. The chandelier is powered by 3 AAA cell batteries and comes with instructions.

A creepy Halloween chandelier with a skull silhouette for your home décor

A perfect way to light up your Halloween decorating with the Skull Chandelier. This decorative piece is an excellent addition to any room and provides a dramatic lighting effect. The chandelier comes in the shape of a skull, making it look stunningly incredible. Perfect for a space that's both contemporary and cool. 

This stunning chandelier can be used for either Halloween parties or as traditional decoration. This is the perfect party decoration; it looks great hanging up, but it also has flashing effects for a genuinely spooky atmosphere. Read Why do people enjoy the spirit of Halloween?

Candelabro De Cráneos - Candelabra De Halloween - Candelabra Led De Cráneos

  • ¡Ilumina tu fiesta de Halloween con este súper genial candelabro con calavera!
  • Requiere 3 (pilas AA)