Why do ladies love Teddy Bears?

Why do ladies love Teddy Bears?

Why do ladies love Teddy Bears?

When a special day is coming closer and you don’t know what to give to the woman in your life, you might be thinking of an array of ideas that go from the most basic -like a box of chocolates- to the most lavish -like jewelry-. They say men are not particularly clever at giving great gifts for women, but they might not know that the answer is actually quite simple.

If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for a woman, whether it’s your mother, sister or your partner, we suggest giving them a lovely Teddy Bear. These fluffy little creatures enchant, but what is it about them that makes women go crazy? Check out this article for reasons why ladies love Teddy Bears so much.

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They are cuddly

We’re starting with this because it’s the absolute main reason why not only women but also babies, toddlers, children and basically everyone around the world loves Teddy Bears. Fluffy plush toys are the most cuddly of items.

You can wrap your arms around them and instantly feel comforted by their softness. You can caress their soft and furry surface with your fingers and they’re so soft that you could even sleep on them or near them and have the most pleasurable nap.

Teddy Bears are, no doubt, the ultimate cuddly little friend, and they could be of help for when you’re not around and your lady needs a hug.

They are a thoughtful gift

No matter what people say, sometimes the simplest gifts are the best ones. If you want to purchase a very thoughtful gift that shows your woman just how much you care about them, start thinking of an adorable Teddy Bear with a heart.

This plush toy is filled with emotions that can literally be felt the moment you hold it in your arms.

Even if it’s not your partner, any woman will be happy to receive an adorable stuffed animal for their birthday, for Mother’s Day or even on their graduation day. Plush toys say “I love you” and “you’re special to me”.

They show you’re sensitive

Most men are accused of not being sensitive enough or that they don’t care enough about their woman’s feelings.

We know this is not true, it’s just that men have a harder time expressing their emotions; but if you need a trick that’ll help you show just how emotional you can be, then getting an adorable Teddy Bear with a heart will do the trick.

Giant brown teddy bear

Teddy Bears are very sentimental and they can build amazing memories for the person who receives them, they’ll always look at their stuffed animal and think of you and how sensitive you proved to be on that special day.

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They make great decoration

Who said Teddy Bears are only good for hugging, holding and playing with? If you get a beautiful stuffed animal for that special woman in your life, good chances are she’s going to want to display it proudly where people can see it, or at least somewhere she can see it often and she’ll remember that special occasion.

Teddy Bears and other type of plush toys can make the perfect decoration if you place them over your bed along with some pillows, in your living room right on the sofa where people can hug them or even place them on a shelf and start collecting them. 

What type of Teddy Bears to give as gifts?

As you might imagine, there are thousands and thousands of different types of Teddy Bears and other stuffed animals in the stores, just waiting to make the perfect gift for a child or a woman. If you don’t know exactly what type of Teddy Bear to give you might want to start by defining what’s the occasion.

Graduation day stuffed teddy bearIf your special lady is graduating you might want to look for an adorable stuffed animal that’s dressed with a cap and gown and even a tiny diploma.If you’re gifting a plush toy for a birthday it can be her favorite animal or at least a Teddy Bear that’s her favorite color. However if you want to give her something for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, then a big Teddy Bear with heart might be the most romantic choice for you.

Now that you know just why all ladies love Teddy Bears, you might have cleared your doubts about what your next gift for that special someone is going to be. Happy plush toy shopping!

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