How do I get a custom plush?

How do I get a custom plush?

How do I get a custom plush?

Each and every one of us is a special and unique person that is different from anyone else in the littlest details.

What makes us unique?

Having very particular tastes and likes, such as liking a very particular color, a very rare music genre, reading certain books or maybe having something that no one else has in the world.

What could you have that no one else possesses and makes you particularly special?

If you want to stand out from the crowd in a very unique and low-key way, the best thing you can do is get a custom plush.

Stuffed animals are a token that represents a person’s very own personality and how they feel about themselves.

They're very tender people who identify themselves with the classic Teddy Bear, while other more modern people rather have a wild looking unicorn or fantastic animal.

Keep reading to find out more about how to get the perfect custom plush toy for you or to give away. 

Order a custom plush

The first choice if you want to get the perfect custom plush is to order it online or go to a custom stuffed animal shop and try to make the one according to your preferences.

Making a custom plush with a professional provider is great because you only have to pick the preferences of the toy and you’ll end up with a perfectly made plush toy exactly how you want it.

What can you choose when ordering a custom plush?

You get to pick the fabric color and texture as well as the composition, you can pick the material of the plush toy stuffing and how stuffed you want it.

You can pick virtually any detail from your custom plush such as the eyes, the nose, the clothing and every little item included in the stuffed animal. There are online stores where you can even upload a drawing of the plush toy you want and they’ll make it exactly how you want it for you.

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Create your own custom plush

If you feel like you have enough expertise or your sewing skills are pretty advanced, there’s also a chance that you can create your own custom plush exactly the way you want it.

The advantage of having a custom plush made by you is that literally no one else in the world will have the same stuffed animal, and you can put your creativity to test and let your imagination fly to create the most outstanding little creature to hug at night.

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How to start creating your own custom plush?

The first step is to draw a very detailed scheme of the custom plush you want.

From that point, you’ll have to work on a pattern that goes with the shape and size of the plush toy you want. Select your favorite fabric: pick your desired color, texture, and fabric you want, even if it’s not typical for a stuffed animal.

Cut the fabric and sew your stuffed animal just the way you want to, remembering to add the little details such as googly eyes, little soft ears, and an adorable nose.

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Customize your own existing plush

Last but not least, we come to the ultimate way to make a custom plush just the way you want it to.

Just because you don’t have the best sewing skills or you don’t want to purchase a brand new stuffed animal doesn’t mean you can’t have a very special little friend with very unique features.

You can make the cutest little furry friend by taking your existing plush toy, the one you’ve always played with as a child, and then customizing it just the way you want to.

There are very different ways in which you can customize your own existing plush toy: you can take some ribbons and tie them all around your stuffed animal, you can sew tiny clothes and dress your plush toy differently, and you can add buttons of stickers to it or you can even sew cool and colorful patches on them so they become unique and special.

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Nowadays, people are looking more than ever to create custom plush toys in order to stand out from others and even for some very particular sentimental motives.

A very clear example of this is the many people that'd been dying from COVID-19 and their friends and family can’t organize funerals or memorials for them with the body present.

When this happens people turn to services where you can get a custom plush toy made from a piece of fabric from your beloved familiar’s clothing.

So if you didn’t get a chance to say goodbye from a relative, you can have a custom stuffed animal made from a shirt or a blanket that used to belong to them. Get your favorite stuffed plush toy now at KINREX.

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