St Patrick's day Arts and Crafts Printable

St Patrick's day Arts and Crafts Printable

It's not only about wearing green on St. Patrick's Day. I will share some St. Patrick's Day arts and crafts printables with you today to excite the whole family for a holiday.

Together-friendly games, crafts, DIY home design ideas, and even a few outfits are available. No one wants to be pricked, after all. So choose from green, rainbow, or both—the choice is yours!

With these St. Patrick's Day Arts & Crafts Printable, go festive and have fun! They are the ideal means of spreading festive cheer and being pinch-proof.

St Patrick's day arts and crafts printable

Kids of all ages will love doing these projects! There are indoor, outdoor, and just plain enjoyable joint tasks available!

Golden Pot Telescope

Waiting for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the focus of this craft. But, of course, everybody knows that a pot of gold is at the end of every rainbow.

So, with the help of this pot of gold telescope, you may find anything you set out to find, including gold, leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, and anything else that comes to mind when you think of rainbows.

Lime Jello Play Dough with Sparkles

Although the idea of glitter in play dough is nothing new, let me assure you that it is the most incredible thing ever! I need to say that again, hold on.

It's that enjoyable. The best playdough ever is glitter, and because it's a vibrant green color, it's ideal for St. Patrick's Day!

Paper plate twirl at the end of the rainbow

You should try this fun and colorful paper plate project with your kids! Add one near your front entrance or build a bunch and hang them all over the home!

Finger puppets of a leprechaun

For kids, finger puppets are the epitome of fun. So this year, create these fantastic leprechaun finger puppets for St. Patrick's Day to add something putting together these fantastic leprechaun finger puppets.

Rainbow Paper Towel Wind Catcher

We had a couple of leftover paper towel rolls sitting around, so I thought the kids could make a rainbow wind catcher with it! It was a fun art project for them for St. Patrick's Day. Making is very frugal as you only use things from around the house!

DIY St.patricks  Hats

There is a hat for every occasion, but your tiny leprechauns will love this shamrock paper plate hat. Before wearing it, they can assist with cutting out and painting the design.

Handprint of a leprechaun

Making this leprechaun handprint card for St. Patrick's Day is so much fun! And if you enjoy making handprint projects, this one is ideal for St. Patrick's Day! Making their leprechaun is fun for kids.

Irish Suncatcher

Making this shamrock suncatcher is super simple! We adore how simple it is to make them. So create these vibrant suncatchers right away to get into the holiday atmosphere for St. Patrick's Day!

Making Leprechauns

Make this simple toilet paper roll leprechaun craft if you want a little Irish luck. Toilet paper rolls provide fantastic crafting materials for kids, and we love that they can be recycled into brand-new items in this way!

Lookers for Leprechauns

With these enjoyable Leprechaun Lookers, go on a leprechaun quest! First, kids can create their pair, then find the treasure he left behind!


Kids of all ages will love making this adorable and vibrant paint sample rainbow activity out of construction paper. It's a fantastic arts and crafts project for St. Patrick's Day because it's vibrant and detailed. 


Even though this St. Patrick's Day bingo isn't strictly a craft, kids of all ages will love playing it. So grab any ten free gaming cards and printable calling cards, and get ready to have a blast!

Printable St. Patrick's Day Worksheets

The Saint Patrick's Day worksheets below allow kids to sit, unwind, and learn new skills.

Word scramble for St. Patrick's Day 

Unscramble the words listed on the template after printing it. Older children and adults may find the anagram challenging because the standard template needs to provide a list of words.

The simple template will appeal to younger children because it lists finished words that they must fill in the blanks next to the matching anagram (scrambled letters).

If you have difficulties fitting the template on one page, set the page margins to zero (FILE, PAGE SETUP, or FILE, PRINTER SETUP in most browsers).

St. Patrick's Day Writing Exercises

The writing exercises are an enjoyable St. Patrick's Day activity. 

Word Wall Printable Templates:

Print off four words for the St. Patrick's Day word wall, then use one of them in a sentence.

Sketch and Write:

Draw a picture and write a story in response to the writing prompt:

What do you find most enjoyable about St. Patrick's Day?

Crossword for St. Patrick's Day

Please print out the crossword puzzle, then solve the clues to complete it. A simpler "image crossword" variant and a more common crossword are available.

Mazes for Saint Patrick's Day

Solve the maze by printing out the template.

Instructions: You might wish to delicately trace your path through the maze with a pencil so you can undo it if you get stuck with the crossword puzzle's word list.

Shamrock Parade Wand for St. Patrick's Day.

The St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Parade Wand is simple to construct and enables everyone to participate in the festivities, whether participating in the parade themselves or simply watching it.

Lesson on St. Patrick's Day in Limerick

It would be great to develop a St. Patrick's Day limerick lesson for your parents, teachers, and homeschoolers since limericks and the holiday go hand in hand. But be gentle; it's all in good fun.

Leprechaun with handprints

Put a small Handprint Leprechaun on your school's bulletin board, or decorate it with one each kid made. They will then be able to bring their masterpiece home to the family after the holiday is over.


We wish you a blasting St. Patrick's Day and hope you enjoyed all of our st Patrick's day arts and crafts printable ideas.