How to use a pumpkin carving kit step by step

How to use a pumpkin carving kit step by step

How to use a pumpkin carving kit step by step

Even though it’s a classic tradition, not many people know how to use a pumpkin carving kit or what tools does it even contain. Keep reading to master the art of carving! 

Tools that every good carving kit must have

Each Halloween more and more complex and original pumpkin designs are made, and you must be wondering how do they even accomplish that. The first step of making a really cool Jack o Lantern is to have the right carving tools. Nowadays you can find professional carving kits like this one that contain most of the tools you’ll be needing. Among them we find: 


A good saw in a small sized knife is one of the most useful tools in a carving kit. Saws can cut and pivot in precise ways that most tools can’t thanks to its dented edges. You can use a saw for the are of the mouth. 


A big, sharp knife is going to be needed when you start working on your pumpkin. The more sharp the edge of the knife, the less force you’ll have to apply to the cutting; risking yourself less to having an accident. 


A needle point is very useful in every carving kit. If you’re still learning how to carve pumpkins and need stencils to guide yourself, you can place the pattern over the pumpkin and pinpoint the design using the needle. 


Drills can come in different shapes and sizes, but they’re all very useful to carve holes in your pumpkin. Whether it’s just for decoration or you need to drill a hole to hang your pumpkin, these tools always come in handy. 

Groove Cutter

Groove cutters or curved tools are perfect for people who are a little more experienced in the art of pumpkin carving. By using a groove cutter, you can carve the skin of the pumpkin instead of making a hole in it. Carve original patterns on the skin of the Jack o Lantern or give some shadows to add realism to it.  


Just like a sculptor would do it, you can use the chisel of your carving kit to remove very small portions of the pumpkin or its skin and give it a more personalized look. Use the chisel to upgrade the design of your pumpkin. 

Sculpting Tools

A sculpting tool can be used to perfection or give further definition to the chunks of skin or pulp that you previously scraped off the pumpkin. Give your cuts a rounder appearance and detail the scrapings with a small sculpting tool. 


Although this might not always come with a full carving kit, the scoop is a tool that will definitely save you a lot of time when you first open up the pumpkin and want to empty it. 


Once your pumpkin is open a scraper is the best tool to reach places that you normally wouldn’t with your bare hands. You also make sure to not leave bits or seeds of pumpkin inside it, risking them to rot inside and make it smell bad. 

How to use your carving kit

Now that you know the task that each tool in a carving kit does, you can follow these simple steps to get the job done. 

Step 1

Pick up a large pumpkin (or the size you prefer) and use a large, sharp knife to cut off the crown. Try to cut a circle as perfect and small as you can. 

Step 2

Take the scraper and separate the flesh and the seeds from the insides of the pumpkin, then take the scoop and take out the filling until it’s completely empty and dry. 

Step 3

Take your stencil or pattern and place it on the pumpkin, with the needle pinpoint the design to make sure you’ll be able to follow it precisely. 

Step 4

Use the saw, drill and groove cutter to carefully cut through the pumpkin to mark the eyes, nose and mouth. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come off perfectly. 

Step 5

Take the chisel and the sculpting tools to perfection the cuts you made, slowly and carefully, giving the eyes, nose and mouth the finish you want. 

Step 6

Place a candle inside your pumpkin and close it placing the crown in its place.

There you go! With the right pumpkin carving kit and these simple steps you’ll be making your first Jack o Lantern this Halloween

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