Homemade St Patricks day Crafts

Homemade St Patricks day Crafts

On St. Patrick's Day, everyone is Irish! Of course, there are many ways to honor everyone's favorite green holiday, but if you want to shine, grab some glitter and glue and do these simple homemade St. Patrick's Day crafts with the whole family! What is better than spending this time with your children?

You'll find imaginative suggestions that include all green, gold, and rainbow-hued up ahead. Best of all, you and your little ones may create a variety of homemade St. Patrick's Day crafts because there are so many projects available for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids of all ages.

Make a felt shamrock garland or paint some golden planters if you're seeking creative ideas that will also make incredible St. Patrick's Day decorations.

Try painting shamrocks, kissing a few Blarney stones, or popping some lucky confetti poppers! There is even a technique for creating green, glittering "slime" since having dirty fun is always fun.

'Lucky Us' Mini Banner

These small banners are ideal for indoor plants or flowerbeds! Your table will look beautiful with a few white, green, and gold plant pots as the centerpiece.

To create 

  1. Print the St. Patrick's Day banner that you downloaded.

  2. Use scissors to cut out individual triangles for the bunting.

  3. Create holes in each triangle's corners using a mini-hole punch (you can also glue bunting to string).

  4. Wrap it up! LUCKY US all together on one string, with a shamrock in the center or any other arrangement you may imagine!

  5. Whatever your imagination can conjure up, string two pieces of wire together and hang it from one corner of a mirror or across a picture frame holding a photo of your family.

Gold Mines

Would you like to invite the leprechauns to your house this year? Consider creating your gold pots! Leprechauns won't be the only little hands searching for these shimmering pots if you scatter a few chocolate coins among them.

To Create :

  1. Please take a little piece of your ball's bottom and cut it off. All of this serves to keep it from rolling while it sits.

  2. Reduce the top by about 1/2 inch so that it begins to resemble a bowl.

  3. Turn your bowl over onto the gold glitter paper's reverse side, and using it as a guide, trace a circle.

  4. It will help if you cut a circle from your gold glitter paper.

  5. Spray adhesive on your bowl or pot.

  6. Glitter generously before adhering your gold glitter paper circle to the bowl's rim.

  7. Slice the stem of the green glitter chenille in half. Place one piece for handles on either side of your Styrofoam bowl.

  8. Stack gold coins on top of the bowl.

  9. Add your wire ornament.

  10. Wrap your wires in a satin ribbon at the bottom.

  11. Put foil shamrocks on the ribbon as decoration.

Letters of Fortune

This Lucky Penny décor appears to be worth a fortune! So put it over your mantel to lend a lovely final touch to your cozy St. Patrick's Day décor.

To Create:

  1. To spell "LUCKY," you'll need to purchase letters.

  2. Paint the letters copper to start. The quickest method is foam brush and acrylic paint. You should put wrapping paper or newspaper to cover your workspace.

  3. You can add the pennies after your letters have had time to dry.

  4. The pennies should be attached with a hot glue gun.

  5. After your letters have been covered, you can add a layer of glossy Mod Podge.

  6. Place your lucky penny letters on the mantle for a striking presentation.

Supersized Shamrock streamers

What could be superior to shamrock streamers? Huge ones! They have a distinctive ridged appearance because of the thick crepe paper, which complements the accordion shape.

Your children will wake up to the most excellent start to the day if you hang the streamers over their beds!

To Create:

  1. Make a template for your shamrock. You may locate one online and enlarge it to avoid drawing one yourself.

  2. Crepe paper should be cut into considerable lengths (between 3 and 5 feet) that are the same height as your template. 

  3. You should fold Crepe paper, so the folds are slightly thinner than the template.

  4. Trace the folds on your template by laying it on top of them. After that, cut out, leaving the clover's very tips linked on either side.

The Stone of Blarney

The actual Blarney Stone is affixed to the exterior of Blarney Castle, located close to Cork, Ireland. It's said that kissing the stone will bring you luck! Blarney Stone is an excellent homemade st Patrick's day craft.

To Create:

  1. Your river rock should be cleaned and painted green.

  2. Draw some lips on the rock.

  3. Make a face by sticking two eyes together with glue or sticky dots. With this, you may be as imaginative as you like.

  4. You can now show them off or keep them in your pocket for added "luck."

 Lucky Poppers Confetti

It starts with a paper tube, and this activity is fantastic for homemade st Patrick's day crafts! You can brighten up St. Patrick's Day with homemade party poppers by adding some adorable wrapping.

To create:

  1. Cut the toilet paper tube in half.

  2. Cut a piece of crepe or tissue paper roughly ten ′′ long and covers the entire tube when rolled.

  3. Cut a piece of crepe or tissue paper roughly ten ′′ long and covers the entire tube when rolled. 

  4. On both halves of your tube, apply a piece of double-sided tape.

  5. Place them next to one another, then start rolling the paper around it to adhere to the tape.

  6. Make a long tube from your roll by taping up the opposite edge. Then, right against the tube, pinch and twist one end of the extra paper, then tie it off tightly with twine or ribbon.

  7. Fill your tube with your good Confetti through the open end.

  8. After that, twist and secure the other end.

Good Fortune Charm Pendant

It's usually a good idea to have more luck. So you'll feel lucky all day long wearing these adorable necklaces.

To Create:

  1. Beads, get ready! Choose a few paint colors and apply them to each if you're using pasta noodles and unadorned wooden beads.

  2. It would help if you strung beads onto a lengthy piece of string.

  3. Once all the beads are attached, tightly knot the string's two free ends in a double knot. Check to see if your necklace can pass over your head.

  4. And presto! You can put on your fabulous necklace now!

Pallet Shamrock Art

You can complete this homemade st Patrick's day craft quickly and easily using a silhouette and hot glue to attach the good sign to the pallet. Remember the adorable rainbow twine and gold button at the bottom, too!

Treat boxes for St. Patrick's Day.

Create these adorable little treat boxes for your kids, then fill them with treats to make St. Patrick's Day extra memorable.

Oh my! Rainbows, leprechauns, and gold pots! With our easy-to-make but festive homemade St. Patrick's Day crafts, you can bring some Irish luck into your home.