Halloween Homemade masks

Halloween Costumes on a Budget: Homemade Masks for All

Halloween Costumes on a Budget: Homemade Masks for All

You have a Halloween party coming soon but you have no idea what to wear? Even though stores are filled with costumes you might not find exactly what you’re looking for, the best thing you can do is to let your imagination run and create some Halloween masks yourself! Keep reading to learn how. 

Felt Halloween masks

Felt is one of the most noble materials to work with if you are an amateur in sewing projects or you don’t even have a sewing machine. Felt is super soft on skin and mold able, yet it’s firm enough that you can use glue and staples on it and it will stick together. 

For a cool Halloween mask using felt, pick the color of your favorite woodland animal and cut separately details like the nose, whiskers, shadows and ears. Glue them to the shape of the mask using a drawing for reference and make sure to cut a whole for your eyes, nose and mouth.

Once you’re done just tie a ribbon or elastic to it and you have yourself a cute, savage mask. 

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Plate masks 

For people who have zero ability for crafts, there will always be items so easy to use it can even be a safe project for little kids.

Plates are one of those items. If you’re in a hurry and need a last minute costume or you want several, easy to make Halloween masks; buy paper plates in several plain colors.

Decorate the plates however you like, choose your character or your theme, but if you can’t come up with anything the easiest choice is to draw your favorite emoji face. Glue stick to the plate and voilá. 

Lego Halloween masks

Ok, just because you’re making your own masks doesn’t mean you don’t want to rock an original and fun costume. If this is your case and you’re looking for something memorable that will definitely win you the costume contest at your party, this Lego mask is for you. 

Take a medium sized yellow bucket (or a bucket that fits your head, you can paint it if you don’t find the right color) and carefully punch some holes for your eyes.

Use one of your Legos as reference to paint the eyes and mouth correctly, with so many Lego movies out you can choose from many characters and add features such as a funny wig or an eye patch. 

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Halloween masks using glasses

This is another cool life hack for those who don’t possess a crafty bone in their body. Take an old pair of glasses and remove the screens. The possibilities of using glasses to create Halloween masks are endless!

You can glue feathers on it and a little paper beak to become a bird, you can fill it with flowers or butterflies, or you can even rock them alone as a part of your Clark Kent/Superman costume. 


This can turn either funny and cute or seriously scary, it depends on how you want to present it.

To make a cool scarecrow mask take a small sack and roughly cut two holes for your eyes, then glue some straws to it and draw a simple mouth, it can be either smiling or just in a straight line.

If you want it scary pour some fake blood in it, around the mouth and in the borders near your neck. 

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Paper and glue Halloween masks

These don’t take too long to make and the result can be as cool and frightening as you want it.

To make it you’ll need paper and glue mixed with water, soak small pieces of paper in the glue and place them on your face, making sure not to get glue in your eyes, nose and mouth.

Once you filled your face or the part of your face that you want, let it dry and harden up a bit before you remove it. Once it’s completely dry you can paint it to look like a zombie, a monster, a werewolf, whatever you want!  

The best part about making your own Halloween masks is that they’re inexpensive, easy to make and they take very little time.

So if you have a couple of parties to go to and don’t want to repeat costume or if you’re just indecisive about your costume, get your stuff together and start making Halloween masks!

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