Gag gifts that will have everyone laughing

Gag gifts that will have everyone laughing

Gag gifts that will have everyone laughing

Holidays will be here sooner than you think, parties will start piling on your social calendar and many of them involve fun activities such as gift exchanges.

If you’ve been signed on a secret Santa or a gag gifts exchange and have no clue as to what to buy that  can be fun and original, keep on reading. We guarantee you’ll find something here for every type of friend there is in your group or office!

Gag gifts for your cheap friend: Gold Coins

There’s always one guy or girl in your group of friends who refuses to split the bill in equal parts, doesn’t want to spend on “fancy” things or dine at “fancy” places and never, ever lends you a single dollar.

Now you can give him/her the perfect gag gift for your secret Santa or their birthday: a pack of fake gold coins (link to product), so that he/she’ll never be short of money to spend or lend again!

A set of Chains for that friend who’s madly in love

Even though we’ve all felt those butterflies in the stomach, you probably have one friend who’s just crazy in love, and your group of friends might say you’ve lost him to their couple.

They stopped hanging out so often with you and they do everything their couple says or wants. That’s why we have one of the most perfect gag gifts for him/her: a brand new set of chains like these ones so that the slave can finally be at their couple’s side for the rest of their lives.

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Modern times gag gifts: Trump Button

Look, we could write 100 articles about this, let’s call it, character, alone. But that’s not the point! Surely you remember some of the president’s most infamous, “witty” and memorable phrases, some of them have made you laugh, and some of them not so much.

But the fact is these phrases are what made him famous, so why not choose this amazing gag gift to annoy someone?

It’s a big red button that. when pressed, speaks one of 18 Donald Trump phrases. You can give it to your pro- Trump friend so that they’ll always remember him or to the one who hates Trump to “push their buttons”.

Turkey Head

You might have one friend whose love of food is over the top, they literally can’t stop eating all day and whenever you see them, they have food in their hands. Or maybe you just have no clue as to what to buy for your upcoming gag gifts exchange and are in need of something original.

Say no more! This turkey head hat is a hilarious item that will have everyone at the party talking and, later on, eager to try it on.

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Sorority Paddle

If you met your friend in good old college days (or maybe you’re still in college) there’s good chances you want to or already are part of a sorority/ fraternity.

If this is the case then laugh things off or remember the  good times with this funny paddle. It’s a thoughtful gag gift that can even be used if the party gets wild later on.

Gag gifts for the bald guy of your friend group/office

This is a very easy one. If you have a secret Santa coming up or you just feel like giving gag gifts instead o the real deal on a friend’s birthday, make sure to remember your friend just how little or no hair they have.

Choose from a wide variety of wigs or hats so that they can cover up that shiny head; there are curly wigs, judge wigs, pink bobs… anything will do!

Don’t be afraid of gag gifts! They are just light and simple jokes that involve someone’s personality so that everyone can have a good laugh out of it, but there should never be bad blood behind it.

So pick your favorite item and wrap it up real nicely, that way the receiver will be even more confused or shocked when he/she opens it and sees the actual gift! 

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