Broccoli Plush Soft Stuffed Toy - Kid Stuffed Toy 5.5"

Type: Plush Toy

The perfect gift! Our cute KINREX Broccoli plush toy is perfect for newborns, babies, boys, and girls. It comes in a beautiful green color that is soft and cuddly to the eye—it is a perfect companion to teach the little ones at home to eat healthily. High-quality materials, such as super soft plush and 100% polyester fibers, ensure durability.

It's ideal to have at home! This soft plush toy measures approximately 5.5" / 14.1 cm. and weighs about 56 gr. They are making it suitable even for newborn babies. Easy to clean, wash and maintain, don't wait any longer and buy it now!

Your baby will love the adorable stuffed broccoli plush toy from KINREX. It is one of the softest stuffed toys on the market. Your baby is going to enjoy playing with it. The toy can sit right next to your baby's crib. It will give your baby something to chew on and play with while you're away.

The toy has a sweet face and a lovely expression. This stuffed vegetable toy is ideal for babies still learning to feed themselves. The soft plush broccoli toy measures approximately 5.5" / 14.1 cm. It weighs about 56 grams, making it suitable even for newborn babies.

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Broccoli Plush Soft Stuffed Toy - Kid Stuffed Vegetable Toy Characteristics:

Suitable for all age groups

KINREX Broccoli is an adorable toy that is suitable for any age. It is a trendy plush toy that must have for any baby's collection. It is a super-soft stuffed vegetable toy you can cuddle up  It is designed to look like broccoli, but it doesn't smell like broccoli. It is an adorable stuffed toy that will bring fun to any baby.

Your baby will love this soft toy because it looks like raw broccoli. It is also a great toy that your baby can play. It is reachable for them to take up and place in their mouth. When you get back, they'll be thrilled. Your child may have a lot of fun and amusement with this plush vegetable toy. It is a great toy that can provide many hours of entertainment.

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Great Gift

Your little one will like this stuffed vegetable toy. It isn't actual broccoli, so your baby won't get upset if you try to give them a bite. However, it is a beautiful stuffed vegetable toy. It is an excellent gift for babies and kids.

If you want your child to have something interesting to chew on while you are away, this is a suitable stuffed vegetable toy for you. It is safe and soft and will keep your baby occupied.

This broccoli plush stuffed toy is an excellent gift for your child because it can sit next to their crib while you are away. They can also play with its ribbons. This lovely toy will help your child learn how to feed themself.

Best Companion

A baby still learning to feed themselves will love this stuffed vegetable toy. It will keep them entertained and happy while you are away. Many parents don't like leaving their babies alone when sleeping. The softness of the toy means that it can sit right next to the crib, and your baby can feel it.

The toy can be used to teach your child about eating vegetables. As with most toys, you can also play with the toy to make it seem alive. You can have fun with the toy by wrapping it around your fingers. You can also put a hat on its head. If your little one is a girl, you can cover a scarf around her head.

Learn about Healthy Eating

Healthy food is usually low in fat and high in fiber. There is no better way to get your kids to eat healthily than by giving them broccoli. Broccoli is a good source of vitamins and minerals. To get your children to eat more broccoli, you can buy them a stuffed broccoli toy so that they will play with it and would love to eat it in a meal. 

KINREX toys are made from 100% cotton that is hypoallergenic, easy to wash, and soft. They are machine washable and suitable for kids of all ages

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¡El regalo perfecto! Nuestro lindo peluche KINREX Broccoli es el juguete perfecto para recién nacidos, bebés, niños y niñas. Que viene en un hermoso color verde suave y tierno a la vista. Siendo un compañero perfecto para enseñar a los mas pequeños de la casa a comer de forma saludable. La alta calidad de los materiales, como la felpa súper suave y las fibras 100% poliéster, garantizan una mayor durabilidad.

¡Es ideal para tenerlo en casa! Este suave peluche en forma de Broccoli mide aproximadamente 5,5" / 14.1 cm. y pesa alrededor de 56 gramos, haciéndolo apto hasta para los bebés recién nacidos. Es fácil de limpiar, de lavar y mantener ¡No esperes más y compre ya!