Fun things to do with fake blood

Fun things to do with fake blood

Fun things to do with fake blood

Not everyone has the best imagination when it comes to Halloween. But just because you can’t make cool stuff up doesn’t mean you enjoy getting dressed up or decorating for this special and spooky holiday. In this post we’re gonna show you how you can make cool creations using only fake blood.

Fake blood for pranking

This idea is perfect for the pranksters, it’s one of the funniest uses you can give to fake blood. Whether it’s to scare the hell out of someone in Halloween or you’re just trying to prank them for April Fool’s, take note of these pranks.

Get a fake arm or leg (the ones they make in latex and look very life-like) and a bottle of good quality fake blood like this one.

Put the arm or leg somewhere for the person to find easily or even somewhere they wouldn’t even imagine to find it like inside the fridge, and apply a very generous amount of fake blood in it, specially in the part that would be the cut of the limb.

If you’re on a budget or have less time you can also get a giant kitchen knife,  drip it in fake blood and leave it laying around the house entrance, the kitchen or the living room. Read the fun Halloween games for kids.

To add an extra scary detail you can smear some bloods on the floor to make it look like you were dragged away. We guarantee the target of your prank will pass out!

Blood bags for a Halloween party

Fake blood doesn’t necessarily need to be spread to make an impact on the person that finds it. It also doesn’t have to go on your body for people to take notice. All you need is an original way to display it and it can make a very cool part of a party decoration. Get a bunch of Halloween blood and check these ideas out.

If you’re throwing a Halloween party and want to make some spooky decor, get some hospital blood bags and fill them up with fake blood, you can pile them up as a centerpiece or even hang them creepily around the place with tubes connected to them.

If you can’t find blood bags you can also take some crystal jars and fill them up messily with some Halloween blood, it will look gross and get people in the spooky mood.

Last minute Halloween blood costumes

Of course, there’s also the most classic way to use fake blood, you know, what it was actually invented for. If you’re suddenly in a hurry to make a last minute Halloween costume (you can check ideas for last minute costumes herethen your new best friend is without a doubt a bottle of fake blood.

You can make the most represented costume of all times and be a vampire with your mouth covered in blood, drip some of it on your fingers and a little bit under your clothes. After all, you can’t expect vampires to eat perfectly without making a mess right?

If you’re feeling a little lazy but still want to look acceptable at your Halloween party, we recommend Stephen King’s classic Carrie character. We know, things will get m-e-s-s-y, but hey, you’ll definitely freak people out by showing up dripping in fake blood all over your head.

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Fake blood paintings for a spooky work of art

As we mentioned before, just because blood (or fake blood) is supposed to go on your body, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and find new, creepy uses for it.

If you’re feeling particularly artsy this Halloween and are looking to decorate your house/office/any place you’d like, you just have to get a bottle of gooey fake blood like this one and smear it all over a canvas, or if you want to make it scarier smear it over a mirror or window and get creative!

There you have it! Halloween blood can be a good ally when trying new ideas for barely anything relating Halloween and even some practical jokes. Get your bottle and start “bleeding” all over the place! 

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