Fun Halloween games for kids

Fun Halloween games for kids

Fun Halloween games for kids

Do you need to keep the little ones busy until it’s time for trick or treating? Bad weather is keeping you caged but you don’t want to brush this holiday off? Here are some of the best Halloween games for kids, plan them and you’ll have an amazing afternoon with family and friends. 

Indoor Halloween games for kids

Sadly, Halloween comes in a time of the year when the weather is not at its best. For people who still don’t want to miss out on the fun, there are many Halloween games for kids you can make inside the house and still keep the spirit alive. 

Halloween pumpkin carving contest 

One of the most traditional activities people do on this day can also be a fun Halloween game for kids if you turn it into a contest. Get small pumpkins so kids can manipulate them easier (it also help it you choose tender pumpkins) and give each contestant its own pumpkin carving kit (you can get it here). The most original or scariest creation will win a prize! 

Toilet paper mummies

Whether you make it a race or just a regular activity, this is one of those Halloween games for kids who will have everyone laughing. Take rolls of toilet paper and give each one to a team or couple, kids must roll each other in less than a minute and be able to walk like mummies without losing the paper roll. 

Pop the balloon pumpkin 

If you have a spacious wall this is a very creative Halloween game for kids for a rainy afternoon. Blow several orange balloons and fill them all with a little confetti.

Some of the balloons should contain a piece of paper with the name of a price, and whoever pops a balloon with a piece of paper can claim the prize named on it. Arrange all of the balloons in the shape of a giant pumpkin and give the kids a nail or needle to start popping! 

Halloween bingo

This game certainly never gets old. If regular bingo is fun, imagine what Halloween bingo will be! There are several printable patterns you can find online or you can create one yourself by getting sets of stickers and pasting them on rectangular sheets of paper. The winner can get a big bag of kettle corn! 

Outdoor Halloween games for kids 

If there’s a nice weather outside and you don’t want to miss the fresh air of the spookiest night of the year, there are tons of Halloween games for kids you can set up in your backyard or even at the park. When it comes to outdoor activities, the more the merrier! So gather your kid’s friends and get to play. 

Jumping pumpkin bags game 

Do you remember the classic jumping bags game? Put a spin on this popular carnival game by getting pumpkin themed bags (you can get them here). Kids must get their feet on the bag and position in a starting point, once you give the signal the pumpkins must jump inside their bags to get to the finish line. 

Ghost piñata

Ghost piñata is the perfect Halloween game for kids who just need to be active all the time. If for some reason you’re skipping trick or treating this year, you can still give kids the best candies with a cool piñata shaped like a scary ghost. 

Witch hat ring-toss 

Fair games are perfect for every season of the year. You can create an easy ring toss using a large cardboard and sticking with hats on it. To make the witch hats take black paper and some purple sheets of paper for the hat’s buckles. Make sure the rings fit the witch’s hat and get kids to compete on this spooky ring-toss. 

Spider Web walking game 

There are Halloween games for kids that not only will keep them entertained but that’ll also help develop their skills. Spider Web walking game is one of those. Take a string of knit or a white cordell and place it on the floor, sticking the ends with some duct tape.

Make figures similar to a spider web and place at random places of the web paper spiders with numbers on them. Kids must walk over the string without setting a foot outside the line to reach the spiders and earn points. 

Inside or outside, all of these Halloween games for kids are so fun, you don’t even need kids around to plan them with your friends!

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