Easy St Patrick's Day crafts for Kindergarten

Easy St Patrick's Day crafts for Kindergarten

St. Patrick's Day isn't far away, so it's time to make some lucky leprechauns, snazzy shamrocks, and radiant rainbows! We've compiled a great list of St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kindergarten that your little ones will love.

Through painting, cutting, and gluing, they'll develop their fine motor skills and feel accomplished when they display their adorable creation.

You'll find something suitable for your Kindergarten students among the easy paper plate crafts, handprint and fingerprint mementos, sensory projects using playdough and slime, and more.

The joy, happiness, and memories you create when crafting with your children are the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. Our list will begin with some of my own favorite easy st. Patricks day crafts for kindergarten. 

Shaggy Wand

Waving a colorful Shamrock Wand will be so much fun for young children! This craft, made of felt, foam, a dowel, and some glue, is incredibly simple to assemble and will entertain your kids.

Beautiful Shamrock Paper Wreath 

Beautiful Shamrock Paper Wreaths are a wonderful craft project for young children. It's enjoyable to exercise fine motor skills by crumpling the paper. When you're done, place this shamrock over the mantle to give your decor a St. Patrick's Day flair.

Trap for Leprechauns

A young leprechaun would love to find it, so we debated whether to call it a leprechaun garden or a trap. In any case, this craft is a great way to introduce children to leprechaun mythology.

Inflatable Shamrock

The bubble wrap shamrock craft is an excellent method to experiment with creating art using many different textures and mediums. Make yours with bubble wrap, buttons, sequins, glitter, and paint.

Leprechaun with handprints

Create a sweet tiny handprint leprechaun that you can display yearly on St. Patrick's Day. Such sweet small souvenirs will help you remember how little those hands were.

Colorful playdough

Kindergarten may make an excellent craft using rainbow playdough, but playing with it is even more enjoyable! They can practice color mixing by creating rainbows, shamrocks, and other designs using all the colors.

Rainbow goop

This Rainbow Slime requires three materials to produce! All kids enjoy the elastic, glittery, fun slime offers, which is elementary to make.

Papercraft for Leprechauns

They're so cute, these paper leprechauns! Add your baby, toddler, or kindergartener's face to this creative mix-and-match craft to up the cute factor.

Binocular St. Patrick's Day craft

With this adorable St. Patrick's Day binocular activity, you can keep youngsters busy. Kids will enjoy making their binoculars and using them to search for leprechauns, rainbows, or gold money.

Photo Craft Shamrock

This Shamrock Photo Craft is a sweet present that youngsters can make for their parents and is ideal for a school or daycare activity. It's joyful and entertaining and will make a priceless memento.

Pop-Up Rainbows on Paper Plates

Draw a rainbow on the paper plate, then raise the rainbow-covered portion to create a 3D effect. Kindergarten might want some assistance with cutting the paper plate.

4 Leaf Clover handprint

Making this handprint four-leaf clover craft at home or in the classroom would be fun. Only two different colors of construction paper, scissors, paint, and glue are required. With a different child's handprint on each leaf, it would be a sweet craft to make with siblings.

Shamrocks with beads

With the help of this gorgeous Beaded Shamrock, practice the fine motor skills of your kindergarten. Shake the pipe cleaner into the shape of a shamrock after stringing beads onto it. Simple!

Finger Painting of a Pot of Gold

The best way for kindergarten to learn about color is through finger painting. While it's acceptable to stray from the lines in the Printable Pot of Gold Activity, it's simple for young kids to stay inside and concentrate on the pattern.

Additionally, you may use paintbrushes or make this into a coloring page if you don't want to get dirty with finger painting.

Rainbow painted with pompoms.

It's a lot of fun to paint with pompoms. St. Patrick's Day crafts for kindergarten are as lovely as simple with this Pom-Pom Painted Rainbow.

It helps kindergarten learn about different things. This activity combines paper plates, tissue paper, and paint.

Green Glitter Playdough

Make a batch of the Green Glitter Playdough. It's ideal for making shamrocks and leprechauns for St. Patrick's Day.

Leprechaun Caps

These amusing Leprechaun Hats are perfect for kids to make and wear. Although they might need assistance with some of the cutting, kindergarten will enjoy creating and customizing their hats.


You can combine some of St. Patrick's Day's most iconic elements in one cute little craft. Leprechauns? You got them. Yes, gold coins. Rainbows? Check.

Irish Mason jars

Kids will love making this easy St. Patrick's Day craft for kindergarten since it is so simple. You can transform a plain mason jar into an ornament using green and gold spray paint.

Crafting a St. Patrick's Day rainbow mandala

A paper plate rainbow mandala is the following St. Patrick's Day activity ideal for kindergarteners and young children.

Children can use this activity to learn the rainbow's color order and a genuinely extraordinary technique to draw a rainbow.

For St. Patrick's Day, hang these rainbows from the classroom ceiling or a window by suspending fluffy white clouds from your mandalas.


Here is a fantastic game for kindergarteners and toddlers learning about rainbows. You can use any items present in your place, and this rainbow scavenger hunt is simple.

This game keeps kids moving, fosters critical thinking, and is an excellent method to work with young children on color memory and color order.


Kindergarten and toddlers enjoyed creating rainbow collages from colorful scraps from their craft supplies. It is a beautiful color-matching exercise, and the outcomes are truly lovely.

In addition, the fact that they will be working with such tiny pieces makes this exercise excellent for fostering the development of fine-motor skills.

To complete the assignment, the students should paint a blue sky all around their rainbows.


The inexpensive stacking stones encourage many skills and are simple to manufacture. Children will learn how to arrange objects according to size and color. Additionally, they will improve their coordination, focus, and fine motor abilities.

 We have included a few enjoyable and simple St. Patrick's Day activities for kindergarteners that will amuse, inspire creativity, and also help to enhance fine motor skills. Now it's up to you to decide what you want to test first.

These easy  St. Patrick's Day craft ideas are appropriate for toddlers and kindergarten, but some will interest primary kids.

These crafts and activities employ everyday objects, making them ideal for home use in daycares, preschools, and classrooms.