Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bucket Craft

Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bucket Craft

Halloween is celebrated worldwide, with different traditions varying from place to place. There are many fun activities that you can do during Halloween, such as dressing up in scary costumes, going trick-or-treating with friends and family, visiting haunted houses, carving pumpkins, making spooky decorations, and so much more.

One of the exciting things about Halloween is that it allows kids to dress up in their favourite Halloween costumes.

The tradition of giving out treats dates back to medieval times when people would disguise themselves and visit strangers' homes in the hope of being rewarded with food and drink.This tradition has recently developed into the modern-day Halloween ritual of trick-or-treating.

People will be in Halloween costumes, usually costumes, accessories, and makeup. Kids will typically be looking for candy, as that is the primary reward that they receive for the tricks and treats that they perform.

These pumpkin buckets for trick or treat are a time when kids can interact with their friends and family and visit other houses where they might receive candy and treats.

Pumpkin Buckets for Trick or Treat

You can get creative when making a Halloween pumpkin Trick or treat bucket. You can even add a scary story to the bottom of the bucket to make it more interesting. The key to making this Halloween bucket is to decorate it with fun designs and themes.

You can have a theme for your trick-or-treat buckets, such as monsters or scary characters. Kids can easily decorate their pumpkins with Halloween stickers. You can also make your Halloween bucket from old items found around the house.

For example, you could use old paint buckets or make a paper plate bucket from old magazines. A pumpkin bucket that is painted black and decorated with creepy characters can look scary.

If you want your kids to have fun, you can send them out with plastic pumpkins. They can play games while they are trick-or-treating. You can teach them to be thankful, to be friendly, to have manners, and to share.

If you plan to put up many decorations, you should use heavy-duty, outdoor-rated materials. Use only weatherproof materials that are safe to hang outside.


Here's a quick and low-cost method to give your pumpkin basket from the shop. Replace the plastic handle with a coordinating ribbon and decorate the eyes, nose, and mouth with simple craft glue, glitter, and gore. They make excellent home decorations and are the ideal finishing touch for many outfits.


This paint-can trick-or-treat bucket is another of our favorite crafts that upcycle items around the house or garage. With the help of some vibrant scrapbooking paper and a large orange bow, this creative pro turned an old paint bucket into the ideal Halloween accessory. But, of course, these would also look fantastic on a dining table or mantle.

Ideas for Halloween buckets

For these Halloween buckets, the possibilities are virtually limitless. You can create anything out of a plastic pumpkin with imagination! These versions can be completed in a single evening and are simple enough, even with small assisting hands.

Halloween bucket for a princess

Your pumpkin bucket should be bright pink. Cut a piece of felt to use as a handle replacement or substitute a thick ribbon (or numerous thin ribbons).

Around the pumpkin's foundation, glue a mesh tutu fabric. Next, cut a crown-shaped piece of felt fabric and place craft rhinestones at each point to represent jewels. As a crown, add this to the top of your pumpkin.

Ghost Treat Bucket

Your bucket should be painted white. Replace handles with a piece of thick white ribbon or white felt fabric. A ghost face should be colored, drawn, or painted on the center of your pumpkin. (You can be as adorable or ominous as you like!). Around the top of the bucket, add a layer of white netting.

Bucket of Black Cat Treats

You should paint your bucket black. Use string felt, or chenille stems cut in half to attach cat whiskers. Use felt to adhere the lips, eyes, and nose. The top with two triangle cat ears!

Spider Treat Bucket 

Blacken the pumpkin bucket with paint. Next, add eight legs coming off the two sides halfway down the base of your pumpkin using felt or bent chenille stems. Decorate any way you like.

Bucket of Bat Treats

Blacken the pumpkin bucket with paint. Next, add two felt-covered black bat wings halfway down the pumpkin's base. For the face, draw, paint, or add felt.

Bucket of Unicorns Treats

Whiten the pumpkin bucket. By wrapping up some yellow felt or paper, add a gold horn to the top. Use a permanent pen or paint to create a face. Using a triangular shape felt t, adhere two pink and white felt ears. Incorporate some white or rainbow hair.

 Puppy Treat bucket 

You should paint your pup's favorite color on your pumpkin bucket. At the top, add two felt ears. Sculpt or paint a face.

Bucket of Super Hero Treats

Select the superhero of your choice. Your superhero's color should match the paint bucket. Next, use paint or permanent markers to decorate the center of the bucket with your superhero logo.

MAKE A Pumpkin Buckets for Trick or Treat


Cut a long piece of rope, felt, or ribbon for the handle, roll it, and insert it through the hole. Next, make a knot, trim the ribbon's end, and repeat on the opposite side.

To remove the handles permanently, use scissors to cut them off.

You can paint the bucket by lightly misting the inside of your pumpkin with paint and letting it air dry to the touch.

A pumpkin bucket with a spray can nearby

On the inside, repeat with two or three coats of paint. Finally, coat the exterior of the pumpkin using the same procedure.

Make felt eyes, feet, wings, ears, and nose shapes.

Glue the ears on the side of the bucket facing the front.

Add the face pieces, starting with the eyes, then the nose, and finally the wings. Only glue the top of the wing to the bucket, allowing the rest to flap.

Place some colorful flowers on the front of the bucket, next to the ears. 

Affix the feet to the bucket's base. 

You can take pleasure in this sweet and easy craft for many years to come!

These custom pumpkin buckets for trick or treat endured well over time. Additionally, it would make a delightful gift basket for a child's party.