Ideas for this Thanksgiving Day

Ideas for this Thanksgiving Day, have fun with your family!

Ideas for this Thanksgiving Day, have fun with your family!

Preparations begin for the next national event, Thanksgiving, a tradition that unites all families. This year, the celebration will be on Thursday, November 25 and as we know it will be very different from what we are used to.

Due to Covid-19, security measures, and restrictions, crowds of people are not advised, so many families will have to divide to celebrate this great day.

Despite the circumstances, we must try to enjoy this National Day however we can. So first, at KINREX we give you some Thanksgiving ideas to decorate the house.

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There are lots of reasons to host Thanksgiving:

  1. You can use it to celebrate the birthdays of the people in your family.

  2. It is a chance to express gratitude towards your family members and friends.

  3. It is a great time to share food with them and spend quality time with them.

  4. Thanksgiving is a day for families to come together.

  5. It’s a way to reconcile with history.

If you haven't already, you should start thinking about what activities you can do to make Thanksgiving memorable. If you are hosting Thanksgiving, you should ensure everything is planned out. You can do this by listing what you will do, such as cooking a turkey. Then, ensure you have ample time to complete your goals.

 We are confident that you have the food picked out and the turkey ordered, whether you are having a large Thanksgiving gathering or a small one. Even while the meal is the day's focus, Thanksgiving is more than just gathering with family for a hearty feast.

We've made a list of things to do so that you, your family, and your friends won't get bored. Here are some Thanksgiving activities to do before the turkey comes out of the oven and even after washing the last dish. 

After Dinner, go for a walk.

We could like the most straightforward hobbies. Take the family on a neighborhood walk while wearing your walking shoes after you've enjoyed seconds and thirds. You can take a little walk to add some life to the day rather than passing out on the couch; it benefits both the body and the soul. Enjoy the Christmas lights a few neighbors couldn't wait any longer to put up while you're wrapped!

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Make an autumnal bouquet.

It might be difficult to arrange flowers, let alone a bouquet, especially if you have no prior floral design knowledge. You better believe I tried—I did! However, you may be able to learn and develop through this exercise! Maybe it will inspire you to start a new pastime. 

Hold An Eating Contest For Pies.

Put the turkey away! Thanksgiving is the ideal occasion to indulge in lots of pie. With so many options, including apple pie, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, and cherry pie, it only makes sense to see who can finish it all first. You might create a classic showdown by offering an appealing prize, such as avoiding dish duty after Dinner. 

Discover More About Family Heirlooms

Thanksgiving is the ideal moment to enquire about Grandma's china collection or the odd cast iron skillet arrangement on her kitchen wall. She'll enjoy the discussion, and you'll come away with a fresh appreciation for your family's most precious possessions. 

Make a turkey hat.

Making a turkey crown with the kids is a beautiful way to spend time together and prepare the meal and decorations. Especially if they made it with their own two hands, kids would adore wearing it while celebrating Thanksgiving. A turkey crown is cheap and straightforward to make.

You (and the kids) may make one with a bit of cardboard or construction paper, some fall-themed paint, glue, or a stapler. As always, enjoy yourself and the process with them.

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Play a Game of Gratitude

Rotate the wheel and share an enjoyable memory thankfulness game made with a paper plate, red paper, and twine. Allow visitors to spin to reveal the six slices of life (Family, Friends, Travel, Home, Pets, and Work), each of which evokes a memory for which they are thankful.

Six prompts should be written in each area you create in the paper plate's middle. From a smaller round of craft paper in a variety of colors, cut off one "slice" for the category window. With a gold brad, fasten the wheel to the plate. Use hot glue to affix the jute rope to the rim. 

Develop a family tree.

Putting together a visually inventive display on a day focused on family can be enjoyable. Additionally, it's a beautiful way to honor family members who will be absent from us on a particular day. 

Tic Tac Toe with pumpkins

To make a homemade version of tic-tac-toe that is themed for Thanksgiving, save some little pumpkins from your scavenger search or find another use for them. Using this game to amuse guests while they wait for the feast to start is an easy way to employ some of your Thanksgiving decorations.

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Play A Game Of Guessing.

After Dinner, while everyone is still seated at the table, play a game of "Who am I?" Have fun watching everyone play out and describe the people with names stuck to their foreheads.

Browse the family pictures

Browse family photo albums with your elderly relatives to take a trip down memory lane. Thanksgiving is, after all, the ideal occasion to recount both significant and insignificant past events.

Assist In Viewing The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

You may still turn on the parade first thing in the morning, make plenty of steaming cups of coffee for everyone, and eat donuts or bagels while curled up on the couch, even though it might not seem quite the same in years past. Nothing could be better!

Perform an arbitrary act of kindness

How can we alter the world? At a time, only one random act of kindness. That line from the film Evan Almighty was so lovely. I can confirm that it rings true. With so much to be grateful for this time of year, helping when people engage in random acts of kindness, others feel better.

It can go a long way. Then those acts of kindness will flourish and motivate others to follow suit. Simply smiling at someone can help, such as giving your younger sibling the last piece of chocolate or telling your loved ones how much you appreciate them.


Contribute to a food bank

We may give back to the community by contributing to a food bank. We improve our neighborhood (and the world) by sharing our blessings with people who are in need. You can look up local food banks where you can donate. If there are no food banks near you, you can check for food pantries instead.

Visit a farmers' market.

Since we're talking about plentiful harvests, one of the most significant ways to see this is to go to a farmer's market. You will bring home a feast and be prepared for Thanksgiving thanks to various farm-fresh items available. Nothing compares to the flavor of farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and turkey.

Additionally, it allows us to thank our farmers for spending their time and effort on the goods. Finally, it offers a different viewpoint on appreciating the blessings we receive and give.

Discover How To Say Thank You In Three Languages

How many times can you express gratitude? in several different ways? We can communicate our appreciation in a variety of ways. It can come in the shape of a present, an indulgence in their preferred cuisine, or even just a personal message. How about expressing your gratitude in three distinct tongues, such as Mahalo, merci, or gracias?

Our world is diverse and full of many different civilizations. It can be more sincere if you can express your gratitude to someone in their language. If you do that, you might even catch them off guard! 

I'd love to know which of these Thanksgiving-related activities made it onto your bucket list now that we've concluded our list.

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Even though Thanksgiving is a day when we can rejoice and give thanks, that doesn't mean that celebrations end after the holiday. On the contrary, we should be as grateful as we can be and take every opportunity to let the people we care about know how much we value and adore them.

Some different stores and decorators can give us an idea of ​​how we want to show our home on that date.

Thanksgiving Ideas

Table decoration

We can have thanksgiving ideas for decorating the dinner table. Candles, logs, pineapples, and pumpkins can form a beautiful union and make our dinner as autumnal and elegant as possible.

Pumpkins are not only used on Halloween, but they are the quintessential autumn element, so we can use them to also decorate the Thanksgiving party.

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Food, the star of the night

As we know, the real star of this evening is the roast turkey. This is tonight's star dish that can be made in different ways: stuffed, with citrus, etc.

The turkey can be accompanied by a good garnish or fried or roasted potatoes. What cannot be missing without a doubt in this dinner is a good wine and a dessert.

A very typical dessert of this great day is the pumpkin pie. A classic and soft element that can be great for this great night.

Have fun with your family!

Finally, a different, very homely, and entertaining way to end the day can be by playing games as a family; whether singing, watching a movie or fashion series, or playing various family games, such as the typical karaoke.

Crafting for the kids

On the other hand, we present you with three different crafts. The first of them is this turkey made of cardboard and moving eyes, in addition to needing a marker to finish it.

You can always use this activity to put the things for which we give thanks on each of the pens. It is a good time for collective and individual reflection.

In our store, you can find a thanksgiving craft kit with which you can entertain the little ones in the house with crafts and have fun making and drawing their own turkey.

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Decorated cookies

Desserts, whatever they are, cheer up the little ones in the family. Do not complicate yourself! Find semi-ready cookies and decorate them around the house.

Cook as a family

Assign shifts or tasks in the kitchen. The idea is that each member of the family feels useful and appreciated.

Play theater

Dress up your children and play in the theater. It is common for many families to recreate the "meeting" of indigenous and pilgrims that began on Thanksgiving.

Did someone say football?

Beyond the traditional Thanksgiving game, take your family outside and have your own party. In addition to helping them lower their bellies after such a meal, it will entertain them to the fullest.

Make “Thank You” cards

A nice way to teach your children to thank is by helping them make their own “Thank You” cards or letters. They will brighten the day of many close people!


While they wait for the famous turkey, what better than to organize a crafting marathon? With things as simple as toilet paper rolls or old rags, they can achieve beauty. Try it!

Look for pumpkins

Even if it's a little late for the traditional Pumpkin Picking, you can still go to the farms and pick your favorites. Then cook them to your liking!

Watch the parade together

Whether in person or on television, enjoying the traditional Thanksgiving parade is always exciting. Get up early and watch it over breakfast!

Turkey Trot

Find out if there are traditional Turkey Trots in your community. A way to keep the whole family moving… and they'll have fun like never before!

Help those most in need

An hour or two in a public kitchen will teach your children the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It is the best example you can give them.

The ability to thank is rooted in becoming aware of the present. This is precisely what “mindfulness” is all about, a type of Buddhist meditation that has become popular in the West. It is possible not only to practice it but to teach it to children.

The best way to start is by becoming aware of what we are experiencing. Smelling the flowers, coloring, savoring each food, enjoying it, and thanking it are everyday ways of doing “mindfulness”.

In fact, I think that children can be given even more naturally than adults, and we are the ones who must learn from them.

We know that this year Thanksgiving will be different, but for that reason, it will not stop being a perfect excuse to give thanks for the family.

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