Unicorn Wig with Horns and Ears - One Size Fits All

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The Best And Colorful Unicorn Wig With Horns And Ears

This is a new and exciting edition to our elf family of wigs that will spice up any outfit! Try on the 3 vibrant colors of layered synthetic hair with sparkly ears and horn.
It's fun for dress-up, costume, celebrations or just an everyday place in your wardrobe. The wig goes one size fits all so you can use it at home or share it with friends!

Tired of being the only person who forgot the perfect accessory?

Now there's no need to worry when you have this stylish unicorn wig available.
Absorb the joys of being your own personal Pinky Pie - livening up celebrations with bright pink tones or trying out shades of darker purple if you're feeling adventurous! Covered in glitter so break

Wigs are a great way to add color and style to your hair

They come in all different sizes and styles and are easy to wear. Girls can even wear them to school and still look great. In addition, wigs are easy to care for and keep your hair looking healthy and whole.
KINREX Wigs are great for special occasions. Girls can wear them for proms, dances, and other events. Wigs are a great way to cover the hair loss and add some color and style to your hair. 

You can choose the hairstyle and color you like and get a colorful unicorn wig with horns and ears. This colorful unicorn wig is a wig for children, adults, and older people. It is made of high-quality synthetic fiber and can be washed and worn. The hair is easy to be combed, and it can be worn all day long. The colorful unicorn wig is an excellent wig for kids and adults so that they can express themselves freely.


 If ever there is a time for magic, then this is definitely it!

There are fur-long fibers woven into this rainbow wig that give your unicorn that vibrant mane. It's hard to tell if they're real or not the way they brilliantly jump out beneath each glistening tail. Whether you're dressing up as some magical creature or want to liven up your everyday look--this hair extension will make it happen for you. Match any outfit wearing these large tuft of strands with their turquoise bow attached on one end and turquoise ribbon on the other end in case the style needs adjusting while you go about your business.


  • Soft and full of color
  • Wig can be worn as a curly, wavy, or straight wig
  • It is a long wig, with bangs
  • One size fits all
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Durable and high quality
  • Great gift for a birthday, wedding or other special occasions
  • It is a very comfortable and warm wig for winter, fall, and spring.
  • The unicorn wig is great for Halloween. You can also wear it for the day at school.
  • It is easy to care for.
  • It is easy to clean.

How to wear the unicorn wig:

1. Carefully remove the wig cap and check that the hair is well-groomed.
2. The wig is divided into two parts. The left part is the hair, and the right part is the wig cap.
3. Pull the wig cap into the hair, and secure with the wig cap by using a hairpin.
4. The hair will be wrapped around the wig cap.
5. You can wear the wig to the disco or club, looking fantastic.

How to care for your unicorn wig:

  • Use the wig comb to comb it regularly.
  • Avoid the use of chemical hair dyes, bleaches, and color-fixing agents.
  • Avoid using hot irons, flat irons, curling irons, and hair straighteners.


Pretend to be your favorite mythical creature with the coolest hair product of all time!

This Glitter Horn and glitter ears Unicorn Wig for kids, teens and adults will transform you into any character you want.
You'll look so cool that no one will mistake it for a costume- they'll know this is who you really are.
  • You will look super cool with this amazing unicorn wig! This wig is just what you need for your Halloween party or for any costume party you have!
  • Glitter Ears and a soft unicorn horn make this a great headpiece.

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  • ¡Te verás súper genial con esta increíble peluca de unicornio! ¡Esta peluca es justo lo que necesitas para tu fiesta de halloween o para cualquier fiesta de disfraces que tengas!
  • Orejas brillantes y un suave cuerno de unicornio hacen de este un gran tocado.