What does a Teddy Bear mean in a dream?

What does a Teddy Bear mean in a dream?

What does a Teddy Bear mean in a dream?

Every night when you’re resting comfortably on your bed, you enter a very special world where anything is possible and the craziest things happen.

In more scientific terms, when people go to sleep, they enter a subconscious state where the mind is making a summary of whatever happened during the day, it reflects on past situations or current worries and problems, and more often than not it comes up with very weird appearances.

In spite of this, some people say that dreams are not a coincidence. In fact, there are people who dedicate their life to studying the meaning of dreams and exactly what is it that we subconsciously predict whenever we dream of weird stuff or unusual scenarios.

So, for example, what happens when we dream about Teddy Bears? Does it make a difference if we dream with a small or large Teddy Bear? Is it a premonition of something that’s about to happen or is it merely a reflection of our childhood? In this article we’ll explore what it means when we dream of Teddy Bears.

The meaning of Teddy Bears

People who dedicate their lives to study dreams and their meanings usually say that dreaming about Teddy Bears represent the existence of emotional dependency in your life.

When a person suffers or has emotional dependency, they are in a state of mind where they’re incapable of taking responsibility for their own feelings and how they get to them.

These people have the capacity to have and even express negative emotions such as sorrow, heartbreak, grief, anxiety and even depression, however they cannot embrace, accept or even nurture these feelings for a positive outcome.

Teddy Bears basically represent people who still rely on someone else or need support in order to let their feelings and emotions set free.

As you might now, a Teddy Bear is a person’s first best friend and confident, and they represent comfort and protection when a toddler or child feels helpless and alone.

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Dreaming with Teddy Bears

Dreaming with a Teddy Bear could represent that you have the feeling that something in your conscious world is giving you comfort or making you feel safe, if this is how you feel in that particular dream.

The Teddy Bear can represent a person, a place or a personal belonging, whichever is giving you a strong sense of security or reassuring when you feel unsafe or insecure about your life.

If you dream about giving away a Teddy Bear, it could mean that you’re about to give away whatever means the most to you in your life. It could warn you that you’ll soon feel powerless and even a bit depressed.

Another meaning of dreaming with Teddy Bears is telling you that you might be too needy or dependent on someone -whether it’s a parent, your partner or your friends-.

For some experts, Teddy Bears could also mean a regression to an earlier stage of your life, maybe to a time you’re having a hard time moving on; this stage is usually childhood.

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Is it common to dream with a large Teddy Bear?

Dreaming with a large Teddy Bear is one of the most common dreams related to this type of stuffed animal.

Big stuffed bears usually link to you reminiscing about your childhood, and everything that goes along with this particular time of your life.

Dreaming with a large Teddy Bear is an enormous longing to feel cared for by your loved ones and to feel reassured, probably because you have recently lost security in yourself and your self-esteem feels damaged.

The bigger the Teddy Bear in your dreams, the bigger is your need to feel loved and cared for by someone.

You might know who’s the person you need to receive love from, or you might be clueless about the meaning of all of this.

Either way, dreaming with a small or large Teddy Bear has a very specific meaning and it’s important that you pay attention to this dream, there could be very important information laying underneath your funny dreams.

Now you know what is the meaning of dreaming of a Teddy Bear, what is the meaning of these fluffy cute animals and how can you translate these dreams into your personal and emotional life.

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