What can a child make for Mother’s Day?

What can a child make for Mother’s Day?

What can a child make for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day seems a long time away, but the year goes by so fast that, in the blink of an eye, we will be reaching May soon and it’ll be time to pick a special gift for the most amazing woman in our lives.

Particularly dads who have small kids always have the same predicament: should you buy mom something fancy she knows does not really come from the kids?

Well, speaking for moms everywhere, it’s always a better idea to have the kids involved in a simpler yet more special gift that’s usually handmade by them and supervised by dad (although it never hurts to add a pearl necklace to the list!).

Check out some great ideas of Mother’s Day gifts from son and daughter who are still incredibly young.

Crayon Candles

Who would have thought that those endless broken bits of crayons would finally be of use? With this creative Mother’s Day project, you simply take several pieces of crayons and strip them off their paper.

Take a candlewick and place it straight inside a jar or glass and start melting the crayons inside of it in order so you create a rainbow-like design. Mom will love the candle and getting rid of old crayons!

Mason Jar Flower Vase

Another extra simple but meaningful gift for mom that the children can make is this flower vase that only calls for a mason jar and your kids’ imagination.

Simply purchase non-toxic paintings and brushes and have the kids decorate their own vase. To wrap things up you can cut out a little picture frame in the same color of the vase and paste a picture of the kids on the vase.

Place mom’s favorite flowers and there you go!

Cupcake Flowers

If mom is crazy about flowers this is the perfect gift for her. Have the kids create an ever-lasting bouquet of flowers for their mom with some of the simplest tools.

Simply take some plain white paper cupcake holders and have the kids draw and color them like they were flowers.

Then take some colored pipe cleaners well straight and perforate the center of the cupcake holders with them to create the stem of the flower.

Button Bookmarks

Sometimes all that mom needs are a calm and relaxing time cozying up on the sofa reading her favorite book.

Let her know how important this is for you and the kids with some cute button bookmarks.

Simply take some wooden Popsicle sticks and have the kids paint them their favorite color, then give them all sorts of buttons so they can decorate the bookmark the way they like. A great Mother’s Day gifts from son and daughter! 

Rock mini Cactus's

Plants are some of the most thoughtful gifts, but with all the craziness of daily routine sometimes mom does not have the time to water the plants and keep them alive.

That is why these mini cactus's are the perfect choice. Simply pick up the smoothest rocks you can find in the garden and have the kids paint them green and decorate them like they were cactus's, then place them in mini pots and voila!

Hand print Coasters

There is nothing more treasured by mothers than memorabilia from when the kids were young.

You can purchase plain porcelain coasters and have the kids print their hand prints over them, then bake them for 30 minutes in the oven and the hand prints will be forever stored in these coasters. 

DIY Hand-Painted Mug

Another great craft the kids can make for Mother’s Day with just a little paint and the help of the oven.

We all know moms love -or at least need- coffee in their lives to start the day, so why not start the day in a personalized coffee mug?

Give the children special porcelain paintings and have them create a unique design for mom, then place the mug in the oven for 30 minutes and she will have a personalized hand-painted mug from the kids.

Chocolate Bouquet

Chocolate is the ultimate gift for Mother’s Day, it simply says “I love you mom” like nothing else.

Have the children create some original flowers by pasting little chocolates over paper creations and you will have the most special and mouth-watering flower bouquet there ever was.

Mom will not be able to resist taking a bite of her fresh flower bouquet! 

Teacup Candles

This is one of the classiest gifts you and the kids can give to mom, especially if she enjoys candles and their scents.

Simply go to a thrift shop and look for an antique and classic teacup along with its plate. Pour some soy-wax over the candle around the straight candlewick and let it dry. You can even add some essential oils and it will smell like heaven.

Pebble Trivets

They say kitchen-related gifts for Mother’s Day are a cliché, but it is also true that some moms simply adore being in the kitchen and fixing up delicious recipes for their family.

If this is your case, then you and the kids can make her the perfect give simply by purchasing some cork sheets and looking for smooth, small, and dark pebbles in the backyard or at the beach.

Cut perfectly round circles on the cork and start gluing the pebbles with some silicon or hardware glue (make sure to be around the kids when they are using the glue).

There you have it! Some ingenious ideas of Mother’s Day gifts from son and daughter that they can easily make with some small items that you can buy or even find at home or straight from the backyard.

Which one will you make for the queen of the house this year?

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