Tips to organize the best birthday animal party!

Tips to organize the best birthday animal party!

Tips to organize the best birthday animal party!

Organizing a birthday party is very necessary for parents and children to relax and enjoy the occasion. There are some general tips to keep in mind, and one of the first things we consider is the type of party we want for our children. Themed birthday parties are becoming more common as they allow you to focus the birthday on a theme your child would enjoy.

Types of birthday party

There are different types of theme parties that can be funny for children. Kids are often passionate about specific themes or characters. You can take advantage of the occasion to know your child's tastes and surprise him with the theme that he likes the most, using, for example, happy birthday animals.

Your choice of theme will affect everything from invitations to guest’s wardrobe, decorations, games to cake toppers. Now all you have to do is choose the happy birthday animal character you want to transform into and use your imagination to design and organize everything related to your party.

Animal birthday party

Nothing is surprising about a kid that is a fan of all kinds of animals: they are the protagonists of most of the stories that are read to them and of the cartoons that they see.

The authors have long understood that using bears or rabbits is a formula for story success among the little ones. Children are especially attracted to mammals: they identify with them because, in fiction, they almost always appear humanized and live like children. And that reassures them.

Of course, children also like to see the animals live. Most little ones under 3 years old are not afraid of animals, even if they are ten times their size, such as a cow or a horse. It is normal then that at those ages they are interested in having a happy birthday animals party in the company of their favorite animals.

The date is already decided and the guests are invited. What to do so that everything goes well on the day of the party?

Elaboration of the suit

You can create very elaborate costumes or simply wear an allusive detail, such as ears, the makeup of the animal they picked, whiskers, mask, etc. The important thing is that the children like their character and that they are comfortable with their costumes, especially when participating in games.

The theme of the costume

To stimulate creativity and prevent the repetition of costumes as much as possible in the happy birthday animals party, it could also be fun to request that the guests dress up in pairs so that the two members of them incorporate similar or complementary elements, kittens and lions, elephants, and hippopotamuses, among others.

The games

The activities can be organized at the time of the happy birthday animals party, but the guests can also be asked in advance so that they do not have to improvise in front of the public, that individually or collectively they prepare a small scene that is related to the chosen costume. The representation will be short and not very elaborate, the objective is to contemplate the costumes and immortalize the moment with a photo.

The preparations

Receiving guests is a job. It is important that the child is aware of this and participates in the preparations, both in what to think in advance (decoration, games ...) and actively collaborating on the day of the party (inflating the balloons, moving the furniture ...).

These moments will allow you to fully own the party and feel proud of it. They will also allow you to experience unique moments: it is nice to prepare a happy birthday animals party together. But you must anticipate the preparations a little because children do things more slowly than adults.

Organized games

If you leave the children to their own, you run the risk that they will get bored or the atmosphere decays. Start with organized games, which will bring the group together and create bonds. Choose games based on the age of the children.

With older people, competition between two teams is ideal. With young children, who are bad losers, it is better to form two or three groups that have to reach a goal, so there will be no winners. Then, leave some free time, without rules, for the children to do what they want.

The gifts

Some children show up with huge gifts. Other families have less money. Take some time, before or after the happy birthday animals party, to remind your child that the financial value of a gift has nothing to do with the size of their friendship. And remind him that a birthday is not celebrated to receive gifts.

A good idea is to propose to the invited children that they make a collective gift right there: a large cardboard full of friendly dedications, a funny group photo in which everyone appears dressed, or with painted faces… It will surely be a fantastic memory for your child.

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