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Fun and Meaningful Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids To Do

Fun and Meaningful Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids To Do

The holiday season is coming at us at full speed. With so many prep to do regarding dinners, gifts and parties, it’s pretty common to forget about the little ones and how they’d like to get involved in all the spirit. If you want your kids to be a part of this days and make some cool Thanksgiving crafts, keep reading to discover fun ideas for them. 

Thanksgiving crafts you can use at dinner: napkin rings 

One of the cool things about this holiday is that every member of the family can participate to make it even more special. The little ones shouldn’t stay behind. If you’re looking for Thanksgiving crafts that they can later show everyone or even be a part of the celebration this idea might work for you. 

Take the empty carton roll of toilet paper and cut it into 2 inch rings. Gather some painting, ribbons, dry leaves, pinecones and other small items related to the season. Your kids can paint and glue their own ring, let it dry and later use them to hold the napkins of your Thanksgiving dinner. 

Decorate your own turkey

Getting kids to make a representation of the turkey is almost like a non- official tradition of this holiday. You’ve seen turkeys made with socks, gloves, balloons, plates and any kind of material. While they all look nice, the truth is they might not make it through the night, let alone until next year. So why not make Thanksgiving crafts that can last much longer and be stored to show every year?

You can get this Thanksgiving turkey craft with colored stickers, googly eyes and even glitter pens so your kids can customize their turkey and proudly display it wherever they want! 

Cup Pilgrim’s hat

If you want to keep kids (especially older kids) a little more occupied while you’re busy preparing dinner or setting everything up for the holidays, this is one of those Thanksgiving crafts where they can spend a couple of hours making it and afterwards play for a long time with their creation. 

To make a cup Pilgrim’s hat you’ll need big sized Styrofoam or plastic cups, a disposable plate, some cardboard or thick paper and paintings (mainly black and yellow). Place the cup over the plate and trace the circumference where you’ll cut a circle. Glue the cup over the plate using hot glue or duct tape (remember to be around kids if they’re using the glue on their own).

Then you can paint the Pilgrim’s hat using black paint or whichever color you want. Cut a thick belt and buckle in colored paper or carton and place it on the Pilgrim’s hat. 

Thanksgiving crafts to snack: Sweet cornucopia 

What’s even better than working on a craft to enjoy the holidays? Working on Thanksgiving crafts that people can later eat! This idea is another perfect example of something kids can do that can later be used or included in your Thanksgiving dinner or party. 

Everyone knows a cornucopia is traditionally filled with an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables; but filling it with candies and treats sounds like 100 times better doesn’t it? Make a carton, brown cornucopia with your kids like you’d me making a piñata and then fill it with candy corn, pumpkin chocolates and even small tangerines. It’ll be the perfect dessert for guests at Thanksgiving dinner. 

Grateful pumpkins 

Even though pumpkins are the main event at Halloween, they’re still very popular throughout the season, including Thanksgiving. With pumpkins being a symbol of fall and the holidays revolving around it, why not make Thanksgiving crafts that include it? 

For this grateful pumpkin you’ll need orange and green paper. Cut the orange paper in 2 inch straps and join them all at one end using a pin. Your kids can write one thing they’re grateful for in each orange stripe and, when they’re done, you’ll join them on the other end.

At the second end glue the head of the pumpkin in green paper with a sign that reads “things I’m grateful for”. Your kids can read they’re pumpkin to family and friends later. 

It doesn’t matter if you use paper, foam or even plates and cups; once you choose some Thanksgiving crafts for your kids they will surely be grateful not only for having fun on this day but also for having someone to share their memories with.
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