Thanksgiving activities

Thanksgiving activities you can make with your family

Thanksgiving activities you can make with your family

We all know the drill on Thanksgiving: you cook an abundant and delicious dinner, you eat until you’re full and maybe watch some (or all) of the Thanksgiving games.

But you should know, there are hundreds of fun Thanksgiving activities that can bring your family closer and let you enjoy this day even more. Keep reading to learn some of them. 

Thanksgiving activities to remember: Family photo shoot 

For some families, Thanksgiving is a holiday just as important as Christmas. They like to make a whole day of it and it’s a time when distant relatives get to see each other and share precious time.

If you want to immortalise this holiday is one of the most emotional Thanksgiving activities you can make as family is a photo shoot.

Dress up, get the family together and pose for a nice picture everyone can take home, it can even be the perfect Christmas card! 

Tell the story of Thanksgiving 

There is no better way to spend this day than to educate people about why they get together in the first place.

One of the Thanksgiving activities that can’t miss on this day is to share the story of how it all began.

Whether we trace back to Native Americans celebrating a good year of harvest or talk about the Colonists peacefully sharing a meal with the Native people; it’s of great importance to teach (especially the little ones) of why is it that we give thanks. 

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Outdoor Thanksgiving activities: Backyard scavenger hunt

There are many families that don’t get discouraged in spite of the weather on Thanksgiving.

They also tend to enjoy more their gatherings when they’re held outdoors. Even though it might not be the best idea to have your dinner outside, you can still enjoy Thanksgiving activities getting some fresh air.

Organize a little scavenger hunt, hiding Thanksgiving related items all over the yard and porch. Form teams that mix kids and adults and have them look for a while, the team that finds more treasure wins double dessert and the losers wash the dishes! 

Pre-game family game 

Besides the juicy turkey with its delicious stuffing, there’s another main event on this day that most people don’t miss out on.

We’re talking about the Thanksgiving games. If you’re part of one of those families who love to watch every game there is but you feel like having a nice

Thanksgiving activities instead of ignoring each other and sitting in front of the TV, why not mix it up?

Before the game starts organize a little family game, dividing yourselves into two teams and competing for a prize everyone will enjoy.

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Grateful bracelets 

The core of this holiday is about being thankful for different things we have, that have happened to us, and loved ones.

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving activities that stay true to the holiday’s spirit, try making grateful bracelets with your family and friends.

Get wide threads specially made for jewelry and a bunch of beads with words painted in them. It can be words such as “love”, “work”, “friends”, etc.

Pour the word beads on a bowl and give each member of your family their thread. Everyone can create their bracelet adding words of the things they’re most grateful for! 

Set up Christmas 

Thanksgiving is a major event for many reasons, one of them is that it officially kicks off holiday season.

After this day, stores will start to sell trees, lights and presents and you won’t get a break from this until the next year.

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving activities that serve two purposes, get your family together to start setting up Christmas all over the house.

You can decorate the Christmas tree, put the Christmas lights on and take out the decoration for the yard. Doing this is much more fun when it’s done in family!

As you can see, there’s no need for you to sit around and wait for the night to end.

If you incorporate some original Thanksgiving activities into your traditions, you’ll have tons of fun, create amazing memories and feel even more grateful than you already do to have your loved ones close.

Try some of them (or all) and see why Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays!

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