Ideas to throw a Thanksgiving party

Ideas to throw a Thanksgiving party

Ideas to throw a Thanksgiving party

One of the most symbolic days of the year is getting close. Kicking off the holiday season, Thanksgiving is a day of reflection, union , giving thanks and big celebration.

And while it’s a grand tradition to share an intimate and fancy dinner with our families, you might be thinking of mixing things up and celebrating a Thanksgiving party this year. Good for you!

It’s always a good idea to break the traditions and get together with more and more people, after all that’s how our festivities were born in the first place.

If you want to throw a party your guests will never forget but you’re missing some ideas, keep reading and check these out! 

Send out some rustic invitations to your Thanksgiving party

The first step to throw an unforgettable Thanksgiving party that stands out from most dinners held on this day is to hand out cool invitations.

While you can find hundreds of cool templates online to print and fill, we have in mind something more than  funny turkey or a huge pumpkin with the date inside.

To create a rustic invitation that will leave people eager to attend your party, we recommend you go to a park and look for the biggest dry leaves you can find.

Make sure it’s dry and brown colored but not to dry or it might crack. Start trying your calligraphy and softly hand-write the invitations for your party. It will be a very nice touch! 

Combine Game Day with your party

Everyone knows one of the most important traditions on Thanksgiving for some people is to watch the traditional Thanksgiving football games.

If you believe many of your guests wouldn’t want to miss these games or if it’s you who needs to have them on to check the score without missing the party, why not including the games?

You Thanksgiving party can be centered around the games by making bets with the guests and the losers washing the dishes or some other fun bet.

Another fun thing to do is get together quick games for half time like a mini football using tiny balls of paper balls and having your guests flick them with their fingers to make them land on buckets with different scores. 

Have fun handing out hats for guests during the Thanksgiving party

What makes your party different from the traditional dinner will be little fun details. A really cool idea you can try for your Thanksgiving party is to hand out funny hats or headbands.

These can be part of a game where people have to say the word “turkey” in every sentence they say and the one who doesn’t do it has to wear the headband until someone else fails to say the word.

If you want a more emotional activity involving the hat or headband you can sit down before dinner is served and pass along the hat among the guests.

Whoever has the hat has to share what they’re grateful for on this special day. Here are some cool designs like a cooked turkey hat or a festive turkey headband

Share the history of Thanksgiving 

Whether we trace back to Native Americans celebrating a good year of harvest or the Colonists peacefully sharing a meal with the Native people; it’s safe to say the origins of Thanksgiving are of good feelings and intentions.

It’s safe to say that most people have a general idea of how this day began, but it never hurts to remember and relieve the reasons.

A nice activity for you and your guests at your next Thanksgiving party is to tell the story of Thanksgiving, if there are going to be children,

it might be fun to even present it using puppets or some visual support. Getting back to your roots always brings people closer!

It only takes a little effort to become the best host of a Thanksgiving party. Planning fun activities, getting little details for you and your guests and of course prepping a mouth-watering dinner is all you need to make this night memorable.

The important thing to keep in mind is that Thanksgiving is about being grateful for the company we have and all the blessings that surround you. With that said, get the party started!

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