Ideas for cool pumpkin carvings that you can't miss!

Ideas for cool pumpkin carvings that you can't miss!

Ideas for cool pumpkin carvings that you can't miss!

Is there anything more representative of Halloween than decorated pumpkins? Today we will teach you how to make this classic Halloween decoration at home, and we will also see many examples of cool pumpkin carvings for all tastes.

Decorating a pumpkin for Halloween is relatively simple, but if you have never done it before you may not know where to start or what materials are involved so that you can make our decoration without a problem.

For those who are "inexperienced" in the decoration of pumpkins, it is good that you know that these can have different designs and some can be very cool, so keep in mind what you want to do, there are many options and possibilities! In this way, you can choose a traditional model or a more elaborate one.

1… 2… 3… let’s create!

To make a cool pumpkin carving you will need a pumpkin that is large enough to work with and that has a shape as close as possible to the design you want to make, you must also have a pumpkin carving set, and a candle to illuminate inside the pumpkin, you can also choose to use electric candles.

The first thing you have to do is take the pumpkin and with the materials of the carving set make a cut in the upper part so that you can access the interior without breaking the pumpkin. It is better to cut so that you get a kind of lid and thus cover the pumpkin again when it is already decorated.

Once you cut off the top of the pumpkin, you will be able to access the inside of the pumpkin. In this step, you can make your children become part of the process by asking them to empty it of all the pulp with the help of some spoons.

Once emptied, it's time to get down to business and draw your chosen face, so you have a chance to get creative. If you are a newbie, it is best to bet on terrifying faces, although simple. A good idea is to create a design first or look for one online, put it on paper and then pass it to the base of the pumpkin. This step can also be done by children without a problem.

Finally, and when the face has already been drawn, proceed to cut the entire edge that has been drawn with a sharp knife so that the holes corresponding to the face in question remain.

Once the face is made, it is time to light up the pumpkin by putting a candle or candy inside it. If you chose to place a candle, it should be a white candle, and that it is large, but make sure it does not exceed the hole above. To fix it, throw a little wax on the inner base of the pumpkin, and then glue the candle on top.

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Cooler designs

If you have some experience when it comes to making your cool pumpkin carving and what you are looking for is to make a difference with some terrifying and original pumpkins, you can opt for a more modern design. In this way, you can imitate a very original design that will highlight your terrifying decoration.

If you are one of those people who like to be original and try different things, we must tell you that there are different finishes that you can do to your pumpkin so that all the ones you do are different. You must have the pumpkin in a head-like shape, but you can also use it in other shapes. Here we will show you some cool pumpkin carvings.

Spiderman Pumpkin

If your little ones are Spiderman fans, making this type of cool pumpkin carving is quite simple. Draw the pattern of the design on the Pumpkin, carve the eyes and then make deep grooves forming the web.

Pumpkins decorated as Emoji

You can make decorated pumpkins without hollowing them out, using paint and other types of decorations. This is the case of these Emoji pumpkins, they are painted with yellow spray paint, and once the paint has dried, decorated with eyes and mouths copied from the emoticons we use on social networks. The faces are made with Eva and rubber or felt, and glued with some instant glue.

Pumpkins decorated in the shape of a worm

This cute worm is made from tiny pumpkins. We must paint them green, and then decorate them with felt circles glued with instant glue. For the head, we will use eyes for large crafts and pipe cleaners to make the antennas.

Pumpkins decorated with sweets

A good idea is to use the Halloween pumpkin to serve the sweets that we will give to the little ones. Along with the previous pumpkin, you can create more entertaining and unusual models, and you are free to add extra details such as wigs, artificial webs, lights or candles inside, and other details. Also note that you can make pumpkins whose short stem is the nose, just give it a try!


Put lacquer on the pumpkin if you want them to be able to be put outside without problems, or you do not want your pumpkins to spoil, you must put lacquer on both the top and the inside. In this way, your pumpkin will last much longer and the humidity will not affect it as much.

The idea of Halloween is to carry out terrifying decorations, but pumpkins can have all kinds of faces, and you can even design shapes that are not necessarily expressions on them. Do not put limits on your creativity and go ahead and make eye-catching and cool pumpkin carvings that will enchant everyone who sees them.

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