How to host your first Thanksgiving

How to host your first Thanksgiving

How to host your first Thanksgiving

We’ve grown accustomed to celebrate the holidays with our family, helping out or even just showing up to parties.

But for many, there comes a time in life when we feel like stepping up and having people over at your place.

If you want to host Thanksgiving for the first time but you don’t know where to begin, check out these tips and make the best out of this day. 

The first step to host Thanksgiving: Know about it 

If you want to be the perfect host on this special day, the first thing you have to do is read and learn all about the story of Thanksgiving and why we celebrate it.

Even though its origin is not clear, it is said that in 1620 the British pilgrims arrived at Massachusetts and were helped by the native to recover from the harsh winter.

The summer of the next year produced great crops so, as a thank you, the pilgrims invited over the native for a harvest feast, starting the tradition of Thanksgiving. 

Macy’s Parade

This is a tradition that, although it only takes place in New York, it can be enjoyed by everyone around the country with access to TV or internet.

So if you’re looking to host Thanksgiving the best way to get into the spirit of this day before your dinner party is to turn on the TV and watch the annual Macy’s parade while getting everything ready.

Watch the shiny war bands march, the giant balloons pass through the tall buildings and the many allegorical cars that light up both the cold streets and the faces of the onlookers. 

Watch the National Turkey Presentation

This is a grand tradition with over 100 years of being celebrated. Also known as the Pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey, this ceremony is held at the White House. Farmers or companies send over their biggest turkey as a present for the President and his family.

While being presented, the leader of the White House has the custom of “pardoning” the turkey.

As the turkeys are sent to be used for the Thanksgiving dinner, pardoning them means they won’t be cooked and they’ll be sent over to a farm to live in peace. Keeping up with these traditions will make you the best Thanksgiving host. 

Watch Football

If you’re looking to host Thanksgiving but you’re afraid many of your guests will show up late (or won’t show up at all) because they don’t want to miss the games, the best thing you can do is play the games on your TV while dinner is being held!

After all, it’s one of the most common activities in Thanksgiving to gather around friends and family and enjoy all 3 classic NFL games.

Prepare some delicious Thanksgiving snacks and drinks and have your guests watch the game as a perfect preview of the hearty meal they’re about to eat. 

Cook all day to host Thanksgiving

Don’t think we’re forgetting about the most important part of this day, the heart of the celebration, everything revolves around the dinner.

To host Thanksgiving you will need to work on your cooking skills, because everyone tends to eat more than they can handle and it’s always better to over-eat a delicious meal than a regular one.

Some people like to make a cooperative dinner and ask for their guests to bring some of the dishes and the host cooks the main course, but if you feel like doing the whole thing your guests will be extra grateful this year! 

A traditional Thanksgiving dinner consists of the turkey, cooked or roasted, the stuffing that goes inside the turkey but can be enjoyed aside, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes topped with delicious and steamy gravy and of course the classic pumpkin pie. 

As you can see, there are a few simple steps that you can follow in order to host Thanksgiving like a professional.

Remember that the point of Thanksgiving is to share time with family and friends and be grateful for what you have.

With that in mind, try not to stress out with the arrangements and if anything goes wrong, don't let it get your spirits down. Enjoy Thanksgiving like you were a kid and your dinner party will be a hit!

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