Halloween ideas if you don’t want to leave the house

Halloween ideas if you don’t want to leave the house

Halloween ideas if you don’t want to leave the house

Halloween is by far the coolest night of the year, people love to go out and about trick or treating, attending parties and getting dressed up for contests. But if you feel like staying in this year and you  still don’t want to miss the fun, there are some Halloween ideas you can do in the comfort of your own home. 

Watch horror movies

This one might seem like a given, but we couldn’t go through this list without mentioning it. Watching horror movies is a classic activity and the best of Halloween ideas to stay in. If bloody, gore, chilling or ghostly stories are scary enough on their own, try watching them with the extra thrill of this being the spookiest night of the year. Put on your comfiest clothes, throw on a blanket, make a huge bowl of popcorn and gather all of your Halloween candy because you and your friends (or your significant other) are in for a night of no sleep. 

Classic Halloween ideas: spend the night carving pumpkins 

This is the ideal plan for families who love spending the night together but seem to be running out of Halloween ideas. How about going back to basics and spending the evening carving some cool, scary or funny pumpkins together? Run to the pumpkin patch and get the best pumpkins you can find, get your pumpkin carving tools and sit together to create amazing Jack o’ lanterns. You can even make a little contest and rate your pumpkins from best to worst. At the end you can take your pumpkins out in the yard and let them decorate this scary night. 

Baking Halloween treats 

The best part about Halloween is the insane amount of candy you’re allowed (if not obliged) to eat. In fact, most people only await eagerly for this day to get those special snack packs candy brands sell. If you’re really into this holiday but you have no intentions of leaving the house, one of the best Halloween ideas to spend the night is baking sweet treats. Some easy recipes include apples coated in caramel and chocolate, ghost strawberries covered in white chocolate, cake pop eyeballs, monster rice crispy bars, cookie pretzels and oreo witch hats. All of these treats don’t take too long to prepare, and keep in mind that after baking comes the snacking! 

Create a Haunted House

This is the perfect Halloween idea for when you want to stay in but you still want to have people over to enjoy this holiday with you. If you have a spacious room (and even if you don’t), you can put your creativity to test and build a Haunted House to receive neighbors or friends and scare them. Remove all sources of light from the room, make it look more like a labyrinth or a dungeon using fabric and room separators, use some good ol’ spider webs and you can even scare people to death with a fake cocoon corpse like this one. The more details your Haunted House has the more your guests will scare, if you want to make it even cooler you can hide somewhere and take a picture of people screaming and show it to them later. 

Chilling Halloween ideas: scary stories bonfire 

There are people who love to take the spirit of Halloween to another level by immersing themselves in a scary mood. If you feel like staying at home for this holiday but you still want to host a very original event everyone will like, plan a bonfire to tell scary stories. First off, make sure all of the people you invite are really into scary stories, if they get scared easily this might not be the ideal plan for them. Create a bonfire in your backyard and place some benches around the bonfire. Get some blankets and cushions to get comfy, stock up on Halloween candy and of course scroll the internet for the scariest stories to tell. Everyone will have a night they will never forget. 

Whether you do them on your own, with your partner, with friends or family, these are the most fun Halloween ideas to enjoy the spookiest night of the year without setting a foot out the door.

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