Some Great Plush Toys You've Never Seen Before

Some Great Plush Toys You've Never Seen Before

Some Great Plush Toys You've Never Seen Before

Whether it’s a baby, a restless toddler or a happy kid, everybody loves and (most importantly) needs toys in their lives.

They are an essential part of early development and help children improve motor skills as well as social skills (you can read more about this in here). Toys are the best tools designed to let a kid’s imagination take flight and they can become your first best friend.

Since humanity started, we’ve found artifacts that served as toys for little kids to keep them entertained or help them learn skills that would be useful in adult life.

At some point in history, people found out it would be a good idea to sell said toys in a place specifically designed for that, and toy stores were born. Do you know when was this exactly? Or where was the first toy store open? Keep on reading to find out this interesting story.

Baby Sloth Stuffed Animal - Plush Sloth Toy

What are the different types of plush toys?

Plush toys are a wide and varied category of toy, but most are stuffed animals, made from a range of materials and most commonly made from a soft material like felt or synthetic fur.

Plush toys can also be made from more durable materials like vinyl or fabric, or even from rubber or plastic. They can be soft, hard, round, square, or shaped in any other way. They can also be furry or plush, soft or hard, or stuffed with air, water, or even food.

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Some coolest plush toys in your neighborhood

If you are a toy collector, then you have to check out these cool plush toys. These toys are not only cute but also extremely fun. They are super cute and adorable. You will find these toys in almost every store and also online. These toys are very popular among children and also adults.

These toys are extremely fun and very attractive. These are the toys that will make your kids crazy. These are the toys that will make you crazy as well. These are the toys that will make you happy. 

When and where did toy stores begin?

Toy stores were not created at the same time toys were being manufactured. Actually, toy factories and manufacturers exist since the Industrial Revolution, when it became possible to mass produce them instead of craft them one at a time by artisans.

Back then, toys took a lot of time to make and they were more expensive; also they were sold at wooden article shops or renowned fairs.

Mothers day stuffed teddy bear


But because of the huge amount of toys that could be produced now, it became an opportunity to make a place designed specially to sell them.

The first toy store was actually founded in 1760 by Willian Hamley in London. It was named Noah’s Ark but later changed its name to Hamley’s.

Another big name in the toy business is FAO Schwarz, founded in New York by german immigrant Frederick August Otto Schwartz.

As you  can see, it didn’t take long enough until people saw what a great idea it was to distribute fun and different toys to kids in one same place, because soon enough even small towns had their own toy stores.  

Blue Elephant Stuffed Animal - Plush Elephant Toy - Plush Toy 

The rise and fall of toy stores

With shiny toy stores on every corner; soon there were hundreds of new toys hitting the shelves each season, then each month, then each week. Kids just couldn’t get enough of the latest additions in dolls, stuffed animals, action figures, puzzles, cars and things they couldn’t even dream of.

The invention of tv marketing also helped make toy stores even more popular, with them competing over who had the hottest toy in the season and making holidays like Christmas a total frenzy to find the best toys in town.

 Blue stuffed Elephant


And then came the internet, the beloved internet. This amazing tool that came to change how the world works, of course make a huge change in retail companies.

Suddenly, sellers were reaching out to customers instead of the other way around, putting their products with amazing detail and more attractive prices right in the palm of their hands from the comfort of their homes.

This, of course, came to be a big hit to large toy stores who were accustomed to earlier selling methods. Bottom line, you have to renew yourself or die; and the latter happened with a lot of them. 

The future of toy stores

So what’s next for toy stores? As we mentioned before, modern and current customers, and most important kids nowadays, are living in a completely digital era where anything can and should come to you!

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t find exactly what you’re looking for in a neat catalogue of colorful and fun toys and novelties, pick your favorite, pay without a hassle and receive it right at your door.

Hop into the future of toy stores with our help! Find tons of original and fun products such as plush toys, novelties, crafts and more at super cool prices and do it without even getting up from your couch.

It’s no secret that online toy stores have everything to make your shopping an amazing experience. So what are you waiting for? Start checking out all of the cool stuff we have and let us spoil you!

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