Great elephant baby shower theme ideas!

Great elephant baby shower theme ideas!

Great elephant baby shower theme ideas!

A baby shower is a celebration that takes place about two months before the baby's birthdate, and the protagonist is the expectant mother. Guests bring gifts to the party for the future parents and the child to be born.

Is your best friend pregnant, and will she give birth soon? Wait no more, and start planning! At baby showers, you play with the surprise factor, as in bachelorette parties, so keep quiet and try not to let the future mother know the details.

If you want to organize a unisex-style party, the best option is to go for the theme of the animals, so you can have an unforgettable elephant baby shower. Take note of the following tips and give the expectant mother a special memory.

The organization: friends or ourselves?

The tradition says that the baby shower is organized by the closest friends or a member of the family. However, and since this tradition is new, we do not see any problem in that it is the parents who organize the elephant baby shower. It can be entertaining and a good time to host before the new baby arrives.

The decoration: Our favorite part.

The options are endless and here you can let your imagination fly when choosing the theme of the elephant baby shower, in this way you have a theme that in combination with a certain color palette can be a boy, girl, or unisex party.

The food: What a mess!

No mess, don't get too complicated. The idea is to be all together and enjoy the company. A few savory snacks, other sweets, and a cake will be enough to make family and friends happy in your cute elephant baby shower.

The gifts: to prepare a gift list or not?

This topic can be a bit delicate, but if you organize it well, it can be very practical. Starting from the idea that you will still receive gifts, we encourage you to prepare a list of those things that you need.

If you don't see clearly what to ask for, no problem. Probably the gifts you receive will include a gift ticket and since there is still time for the baby to be born, there will be no problem in changing it if there is one repeated.

An extra: the games

One of the most fun parts of having an elephant baby shower is the games. On the internet, we have found thousands of great and entertaining ideas to make the party more enjoyable. A baby-themed bingo, safari, trivia and riddles, mimics, and many more.

What if it's not just a boy or a girl and they are twins?

Celebrating a baby shower is a lot of fun that is why the future mother or a relative or close friend decide to celebrate the arrival of the baby. Sometimes this party goes a little further and becomes a surprise party where the sex of the baby is revealed. It can also happen that they are twins and for this reason, it is decided to celebrate a unisex baby shower.

How to decorate a simple unisex elephant baby shower?

For all children, elephants are friendly, they take great care of the herd and have a unique sense of family, they are intelligent, have a good memory and also play, so it is a good theme to choose when organizing your party.

An original and personalized decoration will surprise both the mother and the guests of the baby shower. First focus on a theme for the party that will guide you to decorate the baby shower, in this case, you will use cute elephants.

The second task in decorating a unisex baby shower is choosing a color palette.

Use the same colors for the decoration and the sweet or savory table and everything will be in harmony and enchanting. Once you have chosen the color palette that you will use, you have to think about the elements that will decorate the space: balloon garlands, paper pennants, flowers, balloons and fringes, honeycomb balls.

Who does not like to take a photo?

When decorating the space where you will hold the party, the idea is to think of a place where the guests can take photos. We recommend creating small corners with the elements of the theme of the party with balloon clouds, cute details with many elephants with heart-shaped ears in pink

An easy and simple way to decorate a unisex Baby Shower is to place giant balloons in various spaces. Accompany them with those details that you have chosen for the theme, elephants, grass, ears, etc. With the tenderness and innocence of the little elephant, you can also decorate in pastel pink with a personalized candy table with many details for the Baby Shower.

We hope you liked this idea and that you are encouraged to celebrate a Baby Shower with your own style.

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