Good things to know about animal plushies!

Good things to know about animal plushies!

Good things to know about animal plushies!

A stuffed animal can be a great companion for your children. There is no doubt that, during childhood, stuffed animals become a companion that helps to scare away the monsters that come out from under the bed, as well as being our confidant, and of course an excellent playmate.

That is why here at KINREX we will tell you what are the benefits of having a stuffed animal in childhood.

According to a recently published study, children know that a stuffed animal or a doll represents a living thing, and they can associate emotions and feelings with these objects. Playing with these “friends” allows children to explore the complexity of their feelings.

So playing with stuffed animals can help children explore and express their feelings and emotions more easily. Stuffed animals help children to express their feelings better.

Tantrums, bad moods, and tantrums take over the little ones more often than many parents would like. In those moments, knowing what happens to the young child is essential to be able to solve the problem and get a smile to be drawn on their lips.

However, children are often reluctant to show their feelings to their parents. In those moments you can use the stuffed animal to ask your child what is wrong with him and find out what has caused him to be so sad or angry.

They can also help reduce stress levels. Yes, children can also suffer from stress, and they come to experience it as a feeling of anguish and anxiety due to school, family, or friends, for example.

Having a Yellow Sun Plush Stuffed Toy can help little ones reduce stress and nervousness levels due to its pleasant and soft touch, which has the power to regulate blood pressure, provide tranquility and stimulate the production of endorphins, better known as the hormone of happiness.

Therapeutic animals

According to psychologist Corrine Sweet, a stuffed animal "evokes a sense of peace, security, and comfort, and it is very human to wish for these feelings that we experienced in childhood, during our adulthood, to return." A clear example of this is when we give an elephant plush to our little one to sleep alone, we can tell our son that the elephant plush toy will take care of him and be his companion while he sleeps.

Develop creativity

For example, if you give your child an elephant plush toy, it can help him develop his imagination, enhance his creativity and control his emotions. So while your baby plays inventing imaginary worlds where he and his best friend are the protagonists of a safari, she begins to develop skills that will be of vital importance throughout his life.

Peace and security for the child

An elephant plush brings peace and security to our little one, for example, during a long trip. His stuffed animal can keep you company and keep you from feeling lonely. In the event of an accident, many police and firefighters have adopted stuffed animals as a means of rescuing the little ones in distress.

An elephant plush toy can be the best gift, and the tenderness that these precious animals inspire is not exempt from being a great gift during baby showers. No one is safe from falling under the charm of soft toys. Many of us as adults still retain the memory of our best childhood friend. Children and animals.

Why are stuffed animals common?

Children's fascination with animals is well known. But why do they like them so much? There is no single answer to that question, but the benefits of contact with the animal world are many, and more and more educational initiatives are coming to your aid.

What there is no doubt about is that boys and girls have an innate tendency to empathise with other animals and living beings. In the first place, animals put you in touch with the deepest and most intuitive dimension of your personality; that is, with the center of your emotional activity that cannot be translated into words.

That is one of the clues that allow us to understand children's fascination with animals. The great sensitivity of animals towards moods and their ability to react to them makes them great allies of emotional education.

Somehow your child by observing and interacting with his elephant plush can discover many things about themselves and they naturally identify with animals. It is then. when symbolic games and the personification of animals work so well.

And it is not something we should correct! On the contrary, in early childhood - up to 6 or 7 years - children do not learn by analysing animals as an external object, but by identifying with them, with their movements, reactions, and sounds.

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Children's fascination with animals

A very simple way to take advantage of children's fascination with animals is to do it with stuffed animals. In this way, you will know how to take advantage of the fascination that your child may feel towards animals and at the same time bring him the benefits of having a stuffed animal as a companion.

Imagine how impressive it can be for your child to know the real size of his elephant plush toy during a visit to the zoo, this can be a very effective activity to amaze and to learn.

In short, the magnetism of the animal world represents a unique opportunity to feed scientific concern and passion for knowledge, and the special format of elephant plush toys and other stuffed animals will help your child you to know the animals exactly as they are.

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