Everything you need to know about baby plush toys

Everything you need to know about baby plush toys

Everything you need to know about baby plush toys

Baby plush toys


As a parent, you probably have a good idea of what your baby will love, but it can be hard to know what will appeal to your child when they are still a newborn. While the first few months of a baby’s life are a great time to bond with your baby, it’s also the perfect time to introduce your baby to new toys.

There are so many different baby toys available, but what are the best baby toys? Here’s everything you need to know about baby plush toys.

What are baby plush toys?

Baby plush toys are soft, cuddly toys made from plush material. They are designed to look like a real baby and are made to be smooth and safe for your baby to play with. When shopping for baby plush toys, you will need to look for toys made from soft, cuddly materials.

Stuffed Toys

Babies and plush toys have always gone hand in hand. Either because the toy comes in the form of a gift on some special occasion or for another reason, the truth is that, even before its birth, the baby already has several doormat friends. Did you know that baby plush toys are the most acquired toys during the prenatal period?

Babies love baby plush toys because they can experiment with their sense of touch. The reason is simple: they are easy to handle, have a smooth texture, and can be squeezed as much as you like. Therefore, they allow them to experiment with their strength.

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At first, when the baby is discovering everything, his hands squeeze everything they find. Thus, they take a plush toy, squeeze them and experiment with the sensations that it produces. The baby plush toys are a way to discover how to hold and release something, in addition to the thumb of mom and dad.

Babies and baby plush toys in contact

Baby plush toys are toys that are around the baby from birth. Usually, in their room, there are already a couple of them waiting for them and in some cases, even more than two. Very few baby plush toys are left as simple decorations when there is a baby in the home.

Contrary to popular belief, even though it is recently purchased, that does not imply that the baby plush toys are clean. In fact, baby plush toys are the perfect magnet for dust, and in stores, they will inevitably catch at least a small layer. In order not to spoil it, we usually shake it and little else, but this may not be enough for the baby.

Clean baby plush toys

At this stage, we must provide a friendly environment for the baby. An environment in which, little by little, the baby adapts to the outside world. Dust is one of the hostilities to face. A baby's plush toys can hold an overwhelming amount of dust for a baby, it can potentiate or develop allergies, and in general, interfere with the development of her breathing capacity.

The best way is to put them in a cloth bag, close them tightly, and put them in the washing machine. Once they have dried well, they are ready to be in contact with our baby. Many times we do not want to clean them in the washing machine for fear of spoiling some detail. But there is nothing to worry about, the cloth bag usually protects quite well from any damage. Another option is to wash them by hand.

    Stuffed Elephant for babies

Other details to consider

In stores, the variety of models is overwhelming. Each one has a more striking and often irresistible design. But do we really know which one is best for our baby? Babies and baby plush toys are a very tender and infallible duo, but we must be very assertive, especially during the first months. Next, we show you an example of what may be the best option as a baby's first baby plush toys.

It is necessary to avoid that the baby plush toys have small parts since these are potentially dangerous for the baby. The pieces can be swallowed at some point of carelessness. The same recommendation we make with the shiny details. It is necessary to avoid glitter because it comes off easily and can cause irritation to the baby's skin or fall directly into the eyes.

                                 Stuffed Llama Toy

The texture is the most important of all. The less hair the baby plush toys have, the better. It should be made of cloth fabric or some smooth cotton fabric. On the other hand, a light baby plush toy will suit the baby. Although all the baby plush toys are light, the baby notices a considerable difference in their density. The softer and less rigid they are, the lighter they will be.

The maintenance of the baby plush toys

Another aspect that must be taken into account in the maintenance of the baby plush toys. We must wash our baby's baby plush toys periodically since they will pass through many places and be touched many times.

They have to be cleaned, yes. Every time they fall on the floor somewhere other than the baby's room. Otherwise, the dirt will go directly to the hands, mouth, nose, and eyes of our baby if we are not attentive.

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At first, whenever they get excited, babies often throw the baby plush toys into the air or drop them on the ground. We must be aware of it. It does not hurt either to be vigilant to catch the plush in time before it falls to the ground (although this can be difficult at times).

If we go to the park or for a walk, we must be prepared to remove the baby's plush toys from the baby if it gets dirty. Keep in mind that babies and baby plush toys are the ideal duos, but you have to be careful during the first years of life. In KINREX you will find the best quality baby plush toys, do not hesitate to visit our online store.