Drinks to fill up your inflatable palm tree this summer

Drinks to fill up your inflatable palm tree this summer

Drinks to fill up your inflatable palm tree this summer

Summer afternoons bring pleasure and enjoyment around or in the pool. But it is a rule that at the moment you step into the water, took the initial dip and found a comfortable position on the float, you realize how much you wish you had a cold drink in hand at this very moment.

But getting out of the water, drying off, and going to the fridge is somewhat cumbersome. For this reason, at KINREX we have an Inflatable palm tree for the pool or the beach, which will carry your drinks and keep them at a good temperature, always at hand and with all the practicality to enjoy during the summer.

In turn, we want to bring you a variety of drinks that you can prepare in advance to fill your Inflatable palm tree and keep your guests fresh and hydrated all the time during the sweltering heat waves that happen week after week during the summer.

At KINREX we show you some refreshing and alternative drinks to hydrate and hydrate your guests, which will help them fight thirst and heat and that you can keep in your Inflatable palm tree.

The Classics

We start with the authentic homemade lemonade recipe perfect to beat the heat. In addition to the traditional lemonade, you can adapt the recipe using other fruits and thus prepare other refreshing drinks.

The pineapple lemonade with a touch of ginger and its spicy touch, the refreshing watermelon, and mint lemonade, or the colourful raspberry lemonade. Any of them will refresh them on hot August days, and you can always keep them within reach in your Inflatable palm tree. With them, any barbecue or gathering with friends will be perfect.

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Other non-alcoholic drinks to cool you down

After eating, everybody will love having iced tea. It is something that refreshes and at the same time recharges a bit. Any of these original iced tea recipes will come in handy for this mission.

Infusion of green tea and berries

This refreshing infusion combines green tea with fruits and a spice. Green tea, turmeric, raspberries and fresh blueberries. The water is heated until it starts to boil, it is poured over the herb deposited in a kettle or saucepan, and it is kept at rest, covered, for 10 more minutes, after which it is well filtered.

Cold, fresh out of the fridge, or add an ice cube into your inflatable palm tree and garnish with mint leaves. It has a bittersweet to bitter taste and is very refreshing.

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Coffee granita

If you prefer a coffee, at this time it is best to have a well-prepared granita, like this one with lemon that is perfect, with all its crystals well separated and an unmistakable aroma of the coffee, just like when it comes out of the coffee maker.

If you prefer other types of thicker drinks such as shakes or smoothies that you can pack and serve in bottles to your Inflatable palm tree, this summer we recommend the yogurt and mango lassi, or the peach and yogurt smoothie, with which you will surely be happy and also satisfied.

Cocktails and alcoholic drinks

There are many cocktails that you can drink to cool off when the heat hits. If you want to drink alcohol, these are some of the best cocktails you can have. In that case, remember that it is not advisable to load them too much because the mixture of heat and alcohol can be explosive.

Sangria Perfect Match

Other cocktails that you may want in the middle of the afternoon, before dinner time, and that can be kept perfectly inside your Inflatable palm tree are a strawberry margarita cocktail or to accompany a night party, an infallible sangria.

All these drinks that contain alcohol must be taken in moderation because in the heat we can drink more than is convenient and the excess could make us feel bad. In any case, with a good lemonade, a smoothie, or a cocktail, these are the best drinks to refresh and hydrate in summer, to cope with the heat.

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