Best & Unique DIY Thanksgiving garlands and decoration

DIY Thanksgiving garlands and decoration

DIY Thanksgiving garlands and decoration

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! As each year, you want to cook the perfect dinner and make a comfortable ambience where your guests give thanks for each other and the things they have.

If this year you want to go the extra mile and make your own Thanksgiving garlands check out this post. 

Foliage Thanksgiving garlands 

One of the most representative things about Thanksgiving is the fact that it’s celebrated right in the fall season.

Everybody loves this time of the year when it’s starting to get cold but you can still enjoy walks in the park.

On this holiday, try making people feel like they’re in the middle of the woods with some awesome foliage Thanksgiving garlands.

Aside from being super easy to make it’ll cost you $0. Just go outside to your yard or the park and collect the best and biggest dry leaves you see, them paste them to a thread and there you go! 

Turkey centerpieces 

Every Thanksgiving dinner needs a good centerpiece, something so pretty it can almost make you forget about the grand feast that will take its place in about an hour.

If at your place (like most homes) the main course will consist of a big and juicy turkey, it only makes sense that you create a cool turkey centerpiece to warm up the meat’s place in the table. 

For this centerpiece you’ll need a plastic ball that you’ll glue brown ribbons on, covering its entire surface. Once the glue dries, take a bunch of dry twigs and branches and glue them like a spread fan on one side of the ball, creating the turkey’s tail.

On the other end of the ball glue a wide ranch or many twigs tied together to make the neck, where at the end you’ll glue a pinecone to resemble the turkey’s head. 

Gratitude garland

Of all the Thanksgiving garlands you can make, this one has a very special activity involving the whole family.

A gratitude garland is made up from all the things each member of the family is grateful for on this special day.

Think of how wonderful it can be not only to have a hand made Thanksgiving garland decorating your dinner, but also having the chance of creating it with your loved ones.

Take a bunch of ribbons or fabric strips in different colors, one color for each member of the family.

Have everyone write what they’re grateful for and keep them until right before dinnertime, where you can all give thanks and tie the strings to a thread to fill the garland.

Pumpkin baskets 

Baskets can also be great pieces of decor for this holiday, sitting looking pretty in your coffee table or near the entrance where guests can see them.

If you’re looking for an original item to display this Thanksgiving and make use of all the pumpkins you got left from Halloween, try making a pumpkin basket.

For this decor take pumpkins on every size you can (but don’t pick big ones, try medium sized and below) and spray paint them in white and golden. Try not to cover the entirety of the pumpkin to give it a rustic look.

Corn Thanksgiving garlands 

It’s no secret that food plays a major part on this holiday, whether it’s snacks, dessert or dinner itself, food is an important symbol with great historic significance. What better way to pay respects to ancestors sharing food than with corn Thanksgiving garlands?

To create this rustic and antique-looking piece of decoration you’ll need a wide rope, different colored corn cobs and corn leaves. Glue the corn cobs to the rope or attach them with wire and alternate between a corn cob and a corn leave.

Fall leaves candles 

Another piece of decoration that you probably had totally forgotten about but could look amazing on your dinner table are the candles. Forget about boring, white candles, the spirit of Thanksgiving call for something more festive

Take a couple of mason jars and paste some dry leaves to the exterior of the jar. After the leaves are dry coat the whole jar with barnish to make the jar look shiny. Place a tea candle inside the jar and watch how it spreads an orange dim on your table.

These are just some of the many, many original ideas of decoration and Thanksgiving garlands you can make for yourself or with the help of your family. They’ll be ten times better than a store bought one because of the fact that you all made it with love and gratitude.
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