Creative Ways of How to Wrap a Stuffed Toy

Creative Ways of How to Wrap a Stuffed Toy

While giving presents is a lot of fun, wrapping unusually shaped items like plush toys may be a hassle.

However, you may only have other options if you have gift bags. Fortunately, there are a few different methods to wrap a stuffed animal to appear less lumpy and more like a pleasant, enjoyable gift that any youngster will like.

1. Create a Pouch out of Wrapping Paper

Step 1:

Two times the width of the stuffed animal, cut a paper strip. Place the stuffed animal on top of the wrapping paper that is spread out.

To determine how wide to cut the paper, roll the toy towards the center of the roll. Then, using scissors, cut a strip of paper from the roll.

A golden rule of thumb is to make your paper wider than necessary. Then, although you can remove the paper, you can't add more.

Step 2:

Fold the paper's edges in towards the center. Your strip of wrapping paper should be smooth. Vertically fold the outer edges in towards one another. Ensure they don't overlap and barely touch in the middle.

Ensure the wrapping paper can fold closed on top of the item and that it will fit inside the toy.

Step 3: 

Tape the paper's edges together in the center. To keep the edges of the wrapping paper together, add 2 to 3 pieces of transparent tape in the center.

To still be able to open the wrapping paper, leave space at the top and bottom. The wrapping paper's pattern won't be ruined by clear tape.

Step 04

Make a 2 in (5.1 cm) fold in the paper's bottom. Put the wrapping paper in a vertical position so that it faces you. Without taping it down, grab the bottom of the rectangle of wrapping paper and fold it upward.

Step 05

You don't need to use a ruler at a few inches to make the fold.The fold's outside borders should be pressed inward. Allow your wrapping paper to stand by itself by letting go of the fold.

To make a diamond-shaped fold, press down on each vertical edge of the fold and then crease the paper to secure the diamond.

Make clean, precise folds in the paper to produce a sturdy foundation for your pouch.

Step 6

The diamond's bottom and top should be folded inward and taped down. Take hold of the diamond's top point, fold it down by about 1 inch (2.5 cm), and then tape it in place using transparent tape. Apply the same technique to the diamond's bottom point.

Step 7

Put the plaything into the pouch. Open the top of your wrapping paper when you pick it up. Then, open the bottom of the pouch by sliding the stuffing inside to make it stand up.

Step 8

Please roll the pouch's top downward before being taped shut. First, make a 1 in (2.5 cm) wrinkle in the pouch's top by grabbing hold of it. Once you've reached the top of the toy within the bag, continue forming tiny wrinkles downward and tape it up.

Remember to write who it's for on the outside and embellish your pouch with a pretty bow or ribbon!


This distinctive, enjoyable wrap design will finally provide the drama if you desire it. Picture yourself arriving at the party location with a giant balloon with a bow on top. That sounds like so much fun, right?

Grab a balloon that is larger than your plush toy. Place the stuffed animal inside the balloon after that. Once you feel the balloon is the ideal size, blow it up and lock it safely. Place a card on it and secure it with a ribbon. Simple as pie, right?


One of the simplest methods for wrapping a stuffed toy is to use gift bags.Instead of simply purchasing one from your neighbourhood department shop, making your own DIY gift bag will add a more personalised touch.

We advise purchasing wrapping paper with the color or pattern of your intended recipient's favorite pal. To discover how to transform a straightforward gift wrap into a DIY bag, check out lessons on YouTube.

Correctly measure the toy and the wrapping paper, lay them out, get your scissors, and cut, fold, and tape. It's done now! After that, gently place the stuffed animal inside the bag and decorate it with festive ribbons and a layer of tissue paper for aesthetic purposes.


Toys with unusual shapes or protruding arms or legs are ideal for this tootsie roll technique:

  • Grab a piece of paper, then wrap the toy's arms or legs around it.
  • You should add a layer of tissue paper.
  • Roll the wrapping paper over like candy, starting at the edge where the plush animals are placed.

The paper should be gathered at both ends and tied together with ribbons. Then, to make the roll more appealing, fluff the ends!


There isn't much of a surprise factor, but you can still add a special touch by wrapping your gift beautifully. Use boxes or a basket covered in vibrant paper.

Put the plush toy on the colored paper and attach it to the box or basket with cellophane tape. On top of the package, gather the edges of the wrap, and tie it off with a coordinating ribbon in vibrant color.


Similar to a cellophane bag, but with a pleasant surprise. You can follow, but you'll utilize a paper wrap this time. A bright paper wrap will only draw the recipient's attention to the toy or item because it is thicker than cellophane.

Instead, you should fold the paper after you place the stuffed animal in the center and gather the paper's edges.

The paper can be folded or tape-locked accordion-style until it reaches the stuffed animal's head. Then, once you've tied it with a ribbon, you're done!

Utilizing Unconventional Wrapping Materials

Wrap the box after inserting the plush animal inside.

To prevent the box from opening, tape the top and sides. Wrapping paper can cover the boxes outside, and add a bow or ribbon to round off the charming design. You can wrap a substantial stuffed toy in this manner very quickly.

You can even fool someone by stuffing several boxes inside of one and asking them to open each one.

For a splash of color, encase a sizable toy in a plastic tablecloth.

Affix the toy to the precise center of a colored tablecloth that you can spread out on a level surface.

The tablecloth's edges are gathered and piled on top of the toy. Roll up the extra tablecloth with a ribbon for a safely wrapped toy and knot it in a bow. Afterward, you can use the tablecloth again for gatherings or parties.

You can tie small toys in tissue paper to resemble candies. 

Tie the stuffed animal's arms and legs into a single, long, slender line. Roll the item up in two to three pieces of tissue paper that are two to three times the length of the toy. To make the stuffed animal resemble a mouthwatering piece of candy, tie the excess paper ends with a ribbon on either side.

Be cautious when rolling the toy in the tissue paper to prevent ripping.

To prevent the tissue paper from being see-through, pick a dark hue.


Giant stuffed animals may readily disguise large toys, so you can wrap them in a blanket, tablecloth, or paper present wrap utilizing the box style. The balloon design is another option, but you'll need a huge one. 


You can, without a doubt, but that doesn't mean you should. The answer to this issue depends on how you want to give the gift to the recipient and whether they consider gift wrapping necessary. Kids will adore the toy whether or not.