Creative Halloween Crafts

Easy And Creative Halloween Crafts for Kids to Make

Easy And Creative Halloween Crafts for Kids to Make

Halloween can be a very long day when you’re kids are counting the hours for the sun to set and them going out treat or tricking.

If you’re looking for special ways to keep them busy and having fun, there are many Halloween crafts for kids you can do at home with children of all ages. Keep reading to find out some cool ideas and spend a nice Halloween afternoon. 

Halloween crafts for kids ages 6-12

Starting from 6 years old, kids have better control of basic stationary tools such as rulers, scissors and markers as well as items like glue and tiny plastic pieces.

There are many fun Halloween crafts for kids that your children won’t consider as “for babies”, they all look really cool and will get them entertained for hours straight on a rainy afternoon when prepping for Halloween. 

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Monster puppets

Monster puppets can get kids focused on decorating them the best way they can. You just have to take brown paper bags and stock up on many fun items such as paintings, strings of coloured paper, markers, crayons, googly eyes, tiny fangs, felt, windpipes, glitter and whatever comes to your mind.

Kids will have tons of fun making their own paper bag monster puppet and even more fun making them chat or putting up plays with the moppets. 

Spider web garlands

There are some Halloween crafts for kids who already know how to use properly and safely a pair of scissors. If you’re thinking of making a haunted house this Halloween or you just want your kids to decorate their rooms for the spookiest night of the year, engage with them in a spider web garland contest.

There are many patterns and tutorials to follow online to cut some amazing creations that’ll have you wondering if it’s a real spider web! 

Spooky eyeball slime

This is one of Halloween crafts for kids, your children will enjoy the most. It’s no secret that kids love to get their hands on mud, sand and other weird textures to explore the feeling. If you want to make something that not only is fun to prepare but will also keep them busy afterwards, eyeball slime is for you. 

To make a spooky eyeball slime you’ll need glue, baking soda, coloured glitter paint, saline solution and a bunch of googly eyes in different sizes. Mix them all together and start rolling the mix with your hands until it stops feeling sticky.  

Halloween crafts for kids under 5

Not only big kids can enjoy the spirit of Halloween and engage in fun activities. There are tons of Halloween crafts for kids under 5, who even though are still to be watched to avoid them getting hurt or ingesting dangerous ingredients, can easily make and have a blast.

Just make sure to always keep an eye on small kids and try to make the hardest part of the crafts for them. 

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Paper plate spiders 

Little kids will have so much fun creating their own paper plate spiders and customizing it just as they want. You’ll need a pack of paper plates in black (if you don’t find them in this colour you’ll have to paint them beforehand), strings of windpipes in several colours, a pack of googly eyes and a bunch of stickers.

By using items that already have glue in them you won’t risk kids accidentally ingesting glue or paintings. 

Ghost lollipops 

Just because you’re making Halloween crafts for kids doesn’t mean they can’t eat their crafts later! When keeping the little ones occupied, you can buy a bag of assorted lollipops in different flavours and sizes. Glue a white napkin to the top of the lollipop and let the kids decorate their ghost with googly eyes, markers and a nice ribbon. 

Pumpkin stress balls 

This is a pretty cool Halloween craft for kids that actually will be more enjoyed by adults. You’ll have to keep a close eye on little kids when making these pumpkin stress balls but they’ll love them.

Take a pack of orange balloons and fill each one of them with rice grains (kids can do it under your watch). Tie the balloons shut and let kids draw different pumpkin faces on the balloons. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re not so crafty yourself, with these ideas for Halloween crafts for kids you’ll have tons of fun and create memories to remember the scariest night of the year.

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