Stuffed animals and plush toys

Benefits of having stuffed animals and plush toys

Benefits of having stuffed animals and plush toys

When you were younger, chances are you had a stuffed animal or two that you loved and cherished. While many people view them as simply childhood toys, there are several benefits to owning a plush toy or stuffed animal. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider adding one (or more!) to your life:

They can help relieve stress and anxiety. Plush toys make great comfort objects, which can help relieve stress and anxiety.Many people find that hugging or squeezing their stuffed animals helps them relax and feel calmer.

They can also provide a sense of security during difficult times.They promote positive emotions.Not only do plush toys help reduce negative emotions, but they can

When you think of a toy store like the ones you visited in your childhood, in your mental picture there must be a huge, tall wall filled with hundreds of stuffed animals and plush toys.

With a variety that covers the whole animal kingdom and then some more, there’s no chance that you didn’t have one as a kid, or that your kid doesn’t have one in their toy box nowadays.

Maybe you don’t give this a lot of  thought, but did you know that these fluffy buddies have a lot of benefits on your everyday life? Check out some facts on how stuffed animals and plush toys can help us at literally any age.

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Stuffed animals and plush toys help with sensorial development

We all know early stages of life are critical since they involve the most important steps in development in a person.

For babies, stuffed animals and plush toys, specially those with different textures, colours, sizes and even sounds, can be of great use when experimenting with their senses.

As opposed to other kind of toys such as action figures, construction blocks, cars and dolls, stuffed animals and plush toys are basically approved for every age since they don’t contain small pieces or dangerous materials.

Think about how a soft teddy bear or a cuddly elephant like this one can help your baby grow! 

They help kids be more responsible

You remember that feeling as a kid of being bossed around and told what to do all day? What you probably don’t remember or even know is how this can be a little exhausting for a kid sometimes.

Stuffed animals and plush toys help kids experience the “I’m the grown up” feeling, encouraging them to play-pretend take care of them, feed them, put them to sleep or just feel like they must protect them from any harm.

Not only can stuffed animals and plush toys help kids be more responsible, they also help them develop early sentimental bonds. Do you remember how much fun did you had in those slumber parties with your teddy bear?

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Every kid’s first best friend

Even if a kid has very little toys, big chances are one of them is a stuffed animal. Not even modern times with their amazing technological advances and fancy new toys have managed to replace the feeling of a true, soft, best friend.

Stuffed animals and plush toys are still the king of toys; and they have the perfect appearance with their cute, smiley faces, their fluffy bodies that you just want to cuddle, and their overall sense of friendliness that just makes you want to “hang out” with them.

It’s a fact that kids who befriend their stuffed animals and plush toys have a better sense of friendship, camaraderie and affection for others.

Stuffed animals and plush toys help battle anxiety (Even in adults!)

When a person feels in danger, scared or simply unsafe, they tend to get kinetical, this means they have the need to touch, grab something or to be physically comforted.

As kids, this need can be easily fulfilled by their stuffed animals and plush toys. As we mentioned before, a plush toy can become your best friend, helping a person overcome negative feelings such as fear, anxiety or depression.

And we don’t mean just for the kids! Adults can also be benefited from having a stuffed animal around to grab and hug when anxiety hits, and it’s scientifically proven it works like a charm.

Who would have thought your favourite stuffed animal could also be therapeutic?

So now you know, whether you have a huge collection of stuffed animals and plush toys or just want to have a tiny teddy bear resting on your bed, the benefits of having them in your life are pretty important.

Don’t miss the opportunity of having a fluffy companion to give you a hand when times get rough and don’t think twice when picking a stuffed animal to give as a present to that special someone.

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