Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit - Carving Tools 4 Pieces

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The KINREX halloween haunters pumpkin carving kit includes four high quality tools which are the perfect tool for any level of carver. These carving tools help you easily carve realistic details into your own Halloween pumpkin in jack-o-lantern style.
This kit includes a bamboo knife, a serrated blade, an artery scraper and miscellaneous tools to make up your ideal set-- all found inside this convenient plastic carrying case.

Insignia is constantly designing new ways for shoppers to connect with their favourite brands! Whether crafting or carving, we want our customers to feel like there is always something available for them here at Kinrex Designs!
  • Make expressive pumpkin character designs by using these KINREX halloween haunters pumpkin carving kit tools to create realistic facial details like teeth, nose, eyes and much more.
  • Making a pumpkin character designs was never easier! You and your friends can have fun while using this great carving kit!
  • Halloween won’t be complete without carving pumpkins! Buy a few and host the ultimate pumpkin carving party with these carving tool kit.
  • This KINREX halloween haunters pumpkin carving kit contains 4 high quality materials carving tools that any level of carver would need to easily carve realistic amazing details into your own Halloween jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

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Let's get festive and carve the perfect pumpkin for Halloween. Get your kitschy carving kit, sharp blades, and then get to work on that pumpkin! With 4 tools you'll find inside of this handy carrying case -- a bamboo knife, serrated blade, artery scraper and miscellaneous tools-- you can do anything from simple cuts to realistic detailing. Cut it up and be prepared with some candles so we can light up this spooky night.

Carving pumpkins is a tradition that most people enjoy doing every year. It can also be an expensive practice because you’ll need to buy new tools each time.

Luckily, if you invest in this halloween haunters pumpkin carving kit , it will last for many years of Halloween fun! You can make your jack-o-lantern designs more unique by using different patterns on each side of the pumpkin.

This KINREX halloween haunters pumpkin carving kit contains 4 high quality materials carving tools that any level of carver would need to easily carve realistic designs into different sized pumpkins. The best part? You don’t have to worry about replacing these carving tools year after year!

This set is perfect for beginners because it includes easy to follow instructions on how to carve both simple and more advanced designs! For example, if you’d prefer not to carve one of the included patterns, you could use this kit as a base tool set to create your own unique pattern. There are so many possibilities!

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When carving a face into your pumpkin, it’s important to keep it symmetrical so the design looks nice. To do this, stand the bucket of your pumpkin up against a mirror so you can compare both sides easily. If they look different, flip one side over until they are the same.

If you're new to carving pumpkins but are tired of spending money on new kits each year, this KINREX kit is perfect for you! You'll have everything that you need all in one set, plus multiple stencils that will never wear out! Just make sure you save them after its carved so don't break when removing them from the pumpkin. We recommend not carving pumpkins with kids because it can be very frustrating when they don't come out right, so find an adult to help!

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Kit Para Tallar De Calabaza - Kit Para Tallar De Calabaza De Halloween

  • Realice diseños expresivos de personajes de calabaza utilizando estas herramientas de tallado de calabaza KINREX para crear detalles faciales realistas, como dientes, nariz, ojos y mucho más.
  • ¡Hacer diseños de personajes de calabaza nunca fue tan fácil! ¡Tú y tus amigos pueden divertirse mientras usan este gran kit para tallar!
  • ¡Halloween no estará completo sin tallar calabazas! Compre algunos y organice la mejor fiesta de tallado de calabazas con este kit de herramientas.
  • Este kit de tallado de calabaza KINREX contiene 4 herramientas de tallado de materiales de alta calidad que cualquier nivel de tallador necesitaría para tallar fácilmente detalles increíbles realistas en sus propias calabazas de Halloween.